Spontaneous meetup with @sabine-reichert and @germansailor in Berlin

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That was a nice start of the week!

@sabine-reichert and @germansailor joined me for my start-of-the-day espresso this morning, after spending the weekend in Berlin. After our coffee and cake, they will now move on to meet @lichtblick for lunch. What a life, right? ;)

It was great to connect in person for the first time and talk Steemit and Crypto and Life and Business, while all the other regular café visitors around us probably had no clue what we're talking about... :D

We all agreed that it's a waste NOT to post on Steemit, something I really have to take to heart, after NOT posting for almost a week....

I really have to focus on building my business at the moment, so my creativity is required elsewhere, but (teaching) Steemit is part of my business, so there must be a way to successfully combine things, right?

So my new-week's resolution is: regular posts (and comments!!!) on Steemit!!

Have a great week everyone,


Hehe. Just came from lunch with them. 2 really great steemians :-)
And yes just keep posting regular on steemit ;-)

Definitely not a waste. Think posts like is another proof that crypto can unite people lol.

Spontaneous is great🤗

Es war so schön, dass es mit dem Treffen geklappt hat! So viele positive Energie heute!
Auch wenn die Leute um uns herum keine Ahnung hatten, wovon wir sprachen, aber zumindest der Mann hinter dir, machte große Ohren :-)

Yeey so you are back as wellto Europe. Great timing :))

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