What Kind Of Steemian Are YOU?

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The Steemit landscape is constantly shifting and people are using Steemit in a wide variety of ways. This is a long needed update to my "Steemit Society" article.

Steemit is a society, made up of communities. Every individual has their own strengths, weaknesses and objectives. Over time, many Steemians have settled into niche roles, doing what they're best at, what they love, or what reaps them the most rewards. If you're new to Steemit, you might want to experiment with different activities before deciding what works best for you.

Here is a list of some of the most common types of Steemians...

Coders, Devs, Data-Nerds

Steemit is a young, innovative platform so it has attracted a lot of interest from the techie community. The STEEM blockchain is "Open Source", so anyone with enough ingenuity can build applications relating to it, or analyse the data from it. Over time, more and more third party apps are being built around STEEM. When not watching episodes of Star Wars, these nerds work hard and create real value. They deserve every Upvote they get.
Techies worth checking out: @mauricemikkers, @heimindanger, @anyx



Artists, photographers, and other creatives bring value to Steemit by sharing their creations, often giving some insight into the creative process. Photography is hugely popular here, thanks in part to @jamtaylor's very successful Steemit Photo Challenge.

Noobs (AKA "Minnows")

Nawww! De lil nooob! Just kidding. Everyone was a noob once and newbies are as important to Steemit as anyone else. Some lucky noobs will get a nice STEEM injection with a legit, sincere and entertaining introduction post. After trying their hand at posting, commenting, and voting, most noobs will eventually progress into some of the roles outlined in this post.

Good bloggers

The meat of Steemit. Bloggers might write about food, travel, technology, or anything really. The best bloggers provide real value to their posts, by being entertaining or informative. They know how to grab peoples attention, and they conduct the appropriate research to make their content genuine. It takes skill and experience to craft great blog posts, and newcomers might be disappointed that their blog posts fail to gain traction. The risks are considerate - You could spend hours on a post only for it to fall flat on its face. The rewards however will appeal to many. It’s not unusual for the popular bloggers to make upwards of 500 dollars in a single blog post. Popular bloggers on Steemit include @heiditravels, @sweetsssj, @sirwinchester, and many more..

Bad bloggers

Not everyone is cut out to be a blogger. Lazy writing or mundane subjects will not go very far. If you’ve written ten posts about your goldfish and nobody is responding, it might be time to try a different approach. What’s interesting to you may not have very broad appeal or it may be obvious that you are not an authority on the subject you’re trying to write about. Don't be jelly of the successful bloggers on Steemit. Learn from them.


There are far more Steemians than it might initially appear. Lurking in the shadows are many, with myriad intentions. Some profiles exist only to earn rewards from curation, and many accounts remain inactive for periods, only to spring back to life when the price of STEEM goes above a certain threshold.



This is currently the fastest growing creative group on Steemit. After living in the shadow of photography for long enough, musicians are now finally stepping forward to sing or play, and Steemit is a richer place for it.



우리는 당신을 사랑해. 한국.
우리에게 투표 해주세요


Increasingly, there are people using Steemit to change the world for the better. From raising cash for the sick or homeless, to feeding stray cats, or simply raising awareness of certain issues. Be vigilant, however. Make sure to weigh up the authenticity of any post before giving your Upvote. Ideally everyone should have a photo in their intro post, as a bare minimum.

Good Content Curators

Steemit loves good content. Good curators search out and highlight the best content on Steemit, News stories, articles, videos, photographs, jokes, music, artwork.. anything that adds value to Steemit. The content is then resteemed or summarized and listed in a new post. They're not all doing it out of the goodness of their hearts either. There is real money to be made in curation, especially if you hold a lot of STEEM POWER and have a lot of followers, or others follow your curation trail. Just keep an eye on your voting power!

Spammers, Plagiarists... “Copypasta”

Some people will copy and paste whole articles or creative works and pass it off as their own work. This is spammy, plagiarism, and super uncool, y’hear? Thankfully, the Steemit community are becoming more vigilant, and copypasta is usually ignored or flagged. Remember, you only have one reputation.

Good commentors

You don’t have to make any new posts to enjoy Steemit or earn STEEM. Comments can get a share of a posts earnings by engaging with the subject matter in a meaningful, insightful or entertaining way. It would be easy to dismiss this role if one payed too much attention to the high earning posts on the front page, but dig deeper and you’ll see top comments often get richly rewarded. The best commentors engage with subjects they understand and care about. Find your tribe, build relationships, earn STEEM. You'll also gain a lot of followers, should you decide to do some writing.

Lazy commentors

“That’s cool”, “Great post”, “Thanks for sharing”, “Welcome”, “I like this”, “Good Article” …blah blah blah. Unlike good commentors, lazy commentors take no time to read posts, and will paste generic comments in the hope of some occasional Upvotes or followers. It’s takes no skill or effort to be a lazy commentor and most people won’t Upvote a lazy comment. The risks are low. The rewards are low. Lazy commenting is quite harmless, but quite pointless.


Sycohphants are like Lazy Commenters on Viagra. They will try to get Upvotes by sucking up to other Steemians, lavishing them with praise and questions.


Some say they live on nothing but Doritos and Mountain Dew. Memers sprinkle the community with graphical injokes and nerdy references. They didn’t chose the meme life. The meme life chose them. Check out the #meme hashtag for more.


Wait what? There’s people on Steemit with no financial investment or medium term agenda? Interactors are the unsung heroes of Steemit. All they want to do is make new friends and engage with some cool content. Ideally there would be a greater percentage of these types, but the financial potential of Steemit activity means a high percentage of Steemians are entirely focussed on financial gain. Be nice to these people. We need them. Hopefully the platform will evolve to be more useful and fun regardless of any crypto-financial incentives.


Some people are just, different. There are a number of Steemit users that are impossible to pigeon-hole, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. They're oddballs, but they're our oddballs.
Check out Steemits latest oddball @ionlysaymeep

Good bots

Not all users on Steemit are human. The blockchain is crawling with automated intelligence, programmed by geniuses, both evil and good. Crazy shit, amirite? Some bots such as @cheetah endeavour to flag content that they consider a copyright violation or other form of spam. Other bots serve to expose and flag down "bad bots". That's right - Bot wars!
Some bots are open about their synthetic inception, while others don’t mention it.

Bad bots

There are bots on Steemit designed to spam, scam, disrupt, steal, hack, imitate, destroy. Increasingly, they are being considered a spammy nuisance.


Trolls live to be disruptive, to play Devils Advocate or to wind people up, usually for fun, but sometimes to point out censorship, groupthink, hypocrisy or cynicism. Being abrupt and provocative, they get a bad wrap, and usually deserve it. Trolls do however remind us that not everything is all fluffy and rosy in life, and that nothing online should be taken at face value. If they get under your skin, hit the Mute button on their profile page. It’s that easy.


Here’s an uncomfortable truth: There are real benefits to being attractive. This is as true online as it is in the real world. Beautiful people can earn money with photos, videos, and interactions. Love it or hate it, babes are here to stay, online and offline. As they say, “Don’t hate the player. Hate the game”.

Spam Fighters & Abuse Fighters

In 2016, as Steemit grew in popularity, the potential gains from blog posts exploded into the thousands (of Dollars!). Fake stories became more common, and harder to vet. One such fake story was a plagiarised article about a young womans long term heroin use. Until the whistle was blown, the post was due to make thousands of Dollars. When it was discovered the post had been plagiarized from an article that had previously appeared in Refinery29.com, the post was heavily flagged before “Payout Time” and the imposter earned nothing. BUSTED!

The users who blew the lid off the story were heavily rewarded with copious Upvotes in the comment section. Thus, the war on spam began. Later, @steemcleaners formed, to flag spam and advise when a post risks being flagged. Steemcleaners are a collective of humans who manually cross check posts for duplicate content, plagiarism, etc.


Dolphins & Influencers

Some Steemians have worked their way up the ladder into a position of influence by exhibiting sheer talent in their field. Others are simply great at bringing people together in their niche communities. When they speak, people listen.


Numerically the rarest of breeds on Steemit, but influentially, godlike. Whales are those handful of users who have a huge investment in Steem Power. Such investment makes their votes far more meaningful so a Whale can make or break a blog post with one swipe of a finger, so you better not get on the wrong side of one. If you are very lucky, a Whale will Upvote one of your posts or comments. Want to be a Whale? Buy a LOT of STEEM Power.

So, who are you in the Steemit Economy?

Do any of the roles above describe you? Or perhaps you're still finding your feet.
NB- This article, while just a bit of fun, is still incomplete and subject to change, of course. As Steemit continues to expand, more roles will emerge. If you have any technical corrections or suggestions, please let me know in the comments.

Images via http://www.sp-studio.de/


I honestly do not know what kind of steemian I am. But I try to be the best I can, it takes time and daily effort but the community knows how to appreciate that. Nice post my friend!

Definitely a troll :).

Well, first of all. Good post! ¡Upvoted & Resteemed! to spread awareness about this mirror/showcase among my handful of followers. :)

Second: Noting that you are an early adopter of this platform, an avid reader and an old steemian too.. I bet you would like to check out and add to your following list these guys next: @denmarkguy @francesleader @tarig.anter as it seems that they have not yet been captured by your radar as the extremely good bloggers as they are. (Yep! I went entirely throughout your 2220 souls in there without find them. tsk tsk.)

And third:

NB- This article, while just a bit of fun, is still incomplete and subject to change, of course. As Steemit continues to expand, more roles will emerge. If you have any technical corrections or suggestions, please let me know in the comments.

Ok, all good & well. I will give you the benefit of the doubt on that above for now. But actually I wonder and I can't figure out yet, ¿How the heck you missed the opportunity to describe and make already a depiction category about the most dangerous & frightening steemians around.?

The remarkable and extravagant role: The Cranky Humorous Gandalfs. Those who seems to be always carrying a large bag of naked truth along the road and also the owners of a well shaved tongue to spit around an unimaginable amount of indescribable on the ground reality, irony, sarcasm and healthy weird sense of humor all at once.

¿Was this because you didn't find the right meme to add for this post? Then, ¡No problem! use this one below. }:)

These are the kinda comments I love on my posts. Just. Wow!

Realmente alegre de que te haya gustado mi comentario mi estimado @condra.
Ahora estaré atento y pendiente a tu próxima actualización de éste artículo. Aunque sea para al menos saber a cuantos más has encontrado en steemit para ser incluidos en ésta categoría de los muy serios gandalfs de larga cabellera y atuendos rosados siempre dispuestos a espolvorear a los cuatro vientos algo de su cejudo y esplendido sentido del humor. (Hacer ésta vaina en solitario ya se está volviendo una tarea un pelo cuesta arriba Jajaja.) }:)

Upvoted because I LOVE pink. And those beings who have a way of bringing a sense of wit and humour into their truth.

Oh! thank you dear @allyinspirit. I also Love you LOVE pink. :)
There is no better way to paint sense of wit and humour into the truth but with a good pot of Baker-Miller Pink to put things on earth again in complete order and harmony. We call Pink Color "El Amansa Guapos" on my neck of the woods. Cheers!!

YES, there's nothing like blending textures and shades of pink to feel a soft glow in the heart, to feel a sense of beauty and harmony. I tried to translate 'El Amansa Guapos' ~ I gather it means something like the most magnificent, beautiful or handsome? If this is so ~ Pink is indeed one of the most beautiful of all the wonders we have on our planet. 💗🌸🌷🌸💗

Hahaha good try. LoL
Yet, 'Amansa Guapos' should be translated to english as 'Beast Tamer'
Yes, in true spanish Guapo = Handsome/Beautiful. But in this case our venezuelan slang for Guapo is as Bully. That kind of nasty guy who never measures the consequences of his aggressive acts. Hence; pink as the best ¡Beast Tamer! :)

LOVE it. If any colour could be a 'Beast Tamer' it would have to be: P💗I💗N💗K

Following you now.

Well, I hope to experiment with #humor, and with #recipes too. And #health.

Good luck to everyone (and PRAY that our planet will be here the following day)

wow :))))))))

I'm a... aaaa....

Meh. I'm an "old school social blogger." There are a whole bunch of us here... we used to be on Xanga, LiveJournal, Diary-X, MyDearDiary or something similar back around 2000-2005 and HATED it when MySpace and Facebook came along and changed "the game" from long heartfelt screeds being the meaning of life to pictures of tacos being the meaning of life... and now we feel vindicated because we always "knew" that our favorite format would ride again... and Steemit is IT!

Absolutely. I think a lot of people are sick of the vacuous BS on Facebook and Instagram. There's plenty of real substance here on Steemit.

I see a lot of votes. Don't know if you won something already but here it goes - a nomination for the guildvote of the day! Cash in some favors if you are up to it and spread the news!

Thanks so much dude!

This was a fantastic detail of the "positions" on the blockchain. This got me thinking - having a "flair" like reddit that would show up next to your account name could be a neat way for users to express their rolls in the steem community to others easily.

I've no clue what kind of steemian I am. I am me, and unlike anywhere else on the internet, I try to be my self on steemit. :D

That's being Frank

soo great post :d i dint know what am am just on start here...and my english its bad :D

You will be fine! Get involved all round. Best of luck!

i will....i wish you same :D

Great post, I loved the Sp illustrations. Was very informative too.
I'm a fairly new creative and loving it here.

Nice post! I am trying to be an up and coming good blogger. I will say this about commenting on posts, I had a comment get 3 upvotes, worth over $4.50. If you get the right upvote, it can be big! Upped and followed. I'll even give this a resteem from Texas!

Thanks so much. Glad things are going well for you. Following you too.

Xiobus Cybernetic Superhero

Part human, part machine ... self repairing and improving.... here to save the day... here to bring content, curation, expose bots, push for freedom, empower people, and more. New here and my quest has just begun!!!

This is great!

I guess this makes me a lazy commentator.

LOL! We still love you :)

omg this made me laugh so much!! did you draw all these characters? i couldnt decide which one i was, but maybe i will be a babe! hahahah just kidding i think u should include foodies in there :)

I had foodies in with good bloggers but yeah you guys kinda deserve your own category :) And of course you're a babe too!

HAHHAAH ;) blushing!

Jeah... definitely I'am bad blogger... ...and I don't care about it, it's just a fun!

We need more like you! Have fun!

I'm a broke interactor. Show me some love!!! 😩

4 cent is about as much love as I can give, but I love you in spirit too!

Fabulous article as it makes one think of what they are actually doing here at Steemit and why. As well providing inspiration for where one may be, or wish to be heading.

I absolutely love the variety of people and characters here at Steemit. Recently I met 'Steemit's latest oddball @ionlysaymeep' and had such a delightful conversation with him/her. I felt I could have told him/her literally anything and not be judged, criticized or condemned in any way ~ On the other hand he/she wasn't going to inflate my ego either. How often do we have this opportunity in 'life?'

Not sure where I fit in exactly yet, having just returned to Steemit after being away for about 7 months. I seem to be gradually finding 'my tribe' amongst some of the artists and photographers as I've been participating in @kalemandra's #ColorChallenge and as soon as possible will contribute to @everlove's #collaborativeartjourney.

I use images, both my own and those of others, to provoke my 'writing muse' so if I had to categorize myself, I'd be somewhere between a 'Creative' and aspiring 'Good Blogger.' Issues related to the healing of self, others and the planet are integral in my art, writing and life, and so I also have a feeling for becoming a cross between a 'Philanthropist' and 'Good Content Curator.'

Thanks so much for the prompt to reach a clearer understanding of our place here at Steemit. Stimulating the desire to be the best one can be and seeing the opportunity is here to do just that. 🙏

Thanks for that great comment! Gonna head over and check out your posts.

Great post, too damn funny, thank you.

I identify as a bad blogger.

Love the thoughtfully chosen illustrations of each category! I'm kind of a cross-breed: the main developer for Steemvoter and also I like to think I'm a good blogger. Although my blog has been sadly neglected of late because of all my focus on running Steemvoter. Hopefully I'll have some time to add to my main blog again soon. It's not easy wearing multiple hats!

Hi! Thanks for taking the time to comment. Steemvoter is awesome! You're a great asset to the community.

How about a type labeled "Cryptos", those people on this platform that shepherd the flock new to the digital currency world. I tend to gravitate to those blogs as I try to absorb as much knowledge as I can about this fascinating marketplace.

Good point. A lot of articles here are about crypto itself. That category may have to have a spot in my next version. Thanks for commenting.

I'd like to believe I'm a good blogger, commenter, and interactor, but that's up to others to decide. What I can say is that I'm not a bot, babe, lazy commenter, or sycophant.

I am still figuring out what in the world is going on here, but very cute post!

Thanks, welcome. Stick with it!

You can get paid to figure out!

Try is the first step!


I have been on Steemit for a couple of weeks and am just learning the ropes. I hope to be a good bloggin' Steemian. Totally a work in progress for sure. Thank you for this post because i caught myself grinning as i scrolled down reading the different types. I feel like ive already seen them all! Haha. Thanks!

hilariously accurate. I would consider my self a "creative".but i think this comment makes me a lazy commentor on viagra - "sycophant"

What a great post! Hilarious! I am only 3 weeks young in the pond and I love it! I guess I am a creative artist/blogger that tries not to bore people. I am very interested in anything that eliminates fiat currency. I love gold, silver and crypto! Have a super day @condra ! I was already following you and I am so glad I saw this post.

Haha I don't know what i'm identify with...

pd. Nice post!

You can be a Rick. There are many after all!

nice...upvote and resteem for you

This is soooo amazing post that I wished you divided it into several! I will check in to these definitions a lot! How to call us #beer addicts? Any idea? :D
-aspiring good blogger @buzzbeergeek

I'm a good blogging babe of a minnow! :D

"I'm a 24 year old transgender porn model. I love cryptocurrency and competitive fighting games, skateboarding, vaping, 420, cooking, fashion and kink!"
Holy shit! You're awesome. Following.

Ahhh! Thank you so much, following you already, certainly dig the content! <3

Who knew there were so many different types of Steemians ;)

I'm a mix of a few categories... i guess that makes me an 'oddball' lol


I thought I was ...

Later found out I am ...

Have FUN!


Funny and accurate article! (Except there is no one who "Identifies as an Attack Helicopter?")

But I guess I have a split personality...

I'm a noob with a little bit of blog thrown in (well, that's where I'm guessing I will be heading). I'm still getting to grips with all this 'crypto' this and 'STEEM' that etc., etc. I'm a slow learner unfortunately but then I do have a head full of grey hairs ;)
Hopefully I will be able to keep my followers entertained, I'm not off to a bad start I suppose...... Admittedly a bit of a niche topic.

LOL, some of these were so funny. Thanks for the great post. Resteemed and upvoted.

Thanks so much

I am more than 1

3 maybe...

Cool. I guess a lot of people would fit more than one category. It's just a fun article but I wanted to highlight the different approaches one can take.

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I'm so conflicted!

Amazing post! Was hesitant to comment considering your explanation of Sycophants above but couldn't hold myself back. It's a very explanatory post and I want to share it. Re-steeming it for some of my handful of followers. Thanks so much.

Ah cheers. Much appreciated. Following you.

Thanks so much for following me, I'm honored!

Doing our best to fall in the "good blogger" category, but i guess its not something we can say about ourselfs right. Will be letting other Steemians be the judge, hope we are right though :p

Great post by the way!

Cheers. You're definitely a good blogger IMO :)

Thanks @condra, means a lot :)

nice post upvote & resteem and yes I am a Troll

Great post and images. I guess I am a hybrid - depends on the day. :)

I know that feeling. I'm all over the map sometimes.

Trying to make powerful and interesting contacts without being a sycophant.

Mission Accomplished!


Great post! I cant pinpoint the exact type of "steemian" that I am but I hope im a ppsitive one! Love this platform.

Thank you for this great educational and somewhat funny article. I enjoyed it thorougly. I am new on steemit and hope to become a great blogger.

I suppose I am currently a noob...but who KNOWS what I'll be when I grow up LOL

You can do it!

A musician primarily. Secondarily I'm a lazy commentor at least most of time.

Following you now. Thanks for the comment. Gonna check out your music now.

this is so wonderful. thank you so much. i have learnt much about how steemit works from this post. cheers condra

Ah great. It's mostly just fun, but I do hope some people can see the various approaches that can be taken.

Interesting post! It gave me a much clearer view about the sort of steemians on steemit platform. Honestly I don't know which one I am, but I will find out by time, thank you for sharing your insight. Greetings from Netherlands!

Great content....well done!!!

I am but a lowly minnow... But I believe if I eat and exercise a lot and gain more experience, I will one day evolve into a much stronger pokemon...

The 'Lazy Commenter" image is now seared into my retinas LOL!

Sorry yeah, that one is kinda weird. LOL

To be honest i have no clue what kind of steemian I am. I'm no blogger and honestly this is my first social media that i wrote some of my stories. But i really like creatives

I'm a minnow now, but it's nice to know I have potential.

I make B&W... I like it :)

haha I love this... sorry I'm late to the party :D

Noobs (AKA "Minnows")

That might be a bit harsh to conflate them like that :p but after all, this is comedy

hahaha... Guess I'm a Creative & a Noob

Great post! Love south park. Can you please help by looking at my page?
I just started a project to bring awareness to the crypto currency scene. If you could like my latest blog post i would be forever grateful! Im giving a presentation in a week in San Fran and would love some feedback.


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