How to make your child smarter?

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Hello to all steemit users! Today I would like to lecture on "How to make your child smarter?" This is based on my knowledge as a nursing graduate. Although this is mere written since I am not so confident at impromptu speech, I just hope that this notion can help in making the next generation of children become smarter and are better individuals in the society.

In my nursing education, I studied on developmental issues that is from infant to adulthood. At birth we learn first to crawl before learning how to walk. So, I believe that this also holds true in brain development. This is on my personal opinion and expert on this issue may contradict this theory.

I believe that infants at birth have undeveloped brains yet can absorb lots of information and is also can develop in a faster rate. Infants because of undeveloped brains cannot understand our language. Their brains are yet in the primitive stage. A primitive brain can only understand a primitive language. An example of primitive language is simple communication by using simple words or sound for infants to understand like the first humans on earth using only signal language since they do not have yet an established language to follow.

As an experiment I used this notion to an infant who is just nearby our house. Everytime I met this infant I see to it that I can have an intimate communication established by looking to the eyes and try to communicate in a language the infant can understand. I believe that by doing this the infant will be stimulated to communicate therefore it can enhance brain function thus it can stimulate the brain to grow. Take note that an infant's brain is yet in the developmental stage and can grow in a faster rate especially if given the chance to be of use. I believe that early communication can stimulate brain growth.

I really see the difference in terms of development in the infant undergoing early communication. An infant undergoing this notion is more cooperative, more resilient and smart, way ahead from his or her contemporaries.

Try this notion and I hope that this notion can help your child become smarter.

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@collin22000 - I don't mind when people share links on my posts, but I ask that they be at least tied in to the topic of conversation. When you post something unrelated like this, it takes away from what we are trying to talk about in their posts. I know that it is hard to get recognition when you post things, and often times good posts go unrecognized. Going about it the way you did though, is not the way to handle it. If everyone did what you did, then Steemit would become a spammy mess!

Also, you will probably soon find (since you added this to a lot of other posts too) most people in the community will downvote/flag you for this, and your post payout + reputation will actually go down. It has nothing to do with how good your post is - it is just the way you went about advertising it is incorrect.

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Well said @timcliff. I also had a comment with this link. Great advice in your comment too.

Dont spam your links around unrelated threads.
Do it again and I'll flag your comments.
Edit Saw your comment history. Flagged and muted.

At @collin22000
I told you before, you could end up become someone snack.
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I don't mind people put their's link in my post. But there is always a limit one can do.
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