Raleigh Steemit Meetup TOMORROW Night

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Tomorrow is the big day. We kick off Cryptolina 2018, which is a paid event. (Discounted steeply for steemit members).

At 6pm we will be having a FREE Steemit Meetup at the Raliegh Convention Center. We will have some pizza, soft drinks and great conversation.

@ashe-Oro is our guest speaker. We will talk about the future of the platform and have an interactive discussion on the future of Steemit. Come one, come all. Pass this on to anyone you think would be interested. No charge for the meetup, so come on out!

Please RSVP below if you haven’t already!


Is there a specific room it will be in?

And I'm a "Yes" and my buddy from the mountains is a "strong maybe".

We haven’t picked the room yet. Just look for cryptolina. The organizers are supporting the event and can point you in the right direction.

I'm planning on live streaming this on dlive.io .... I might try and get there a little early to get setup. See you this afternoon!

I just did a test of the live streaming and it worked. See you all tonight!


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