Why people won't understand steemit.

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It was not as easy as I thought and expected it to be to tell people or introduce Jamaican's to the steemit social platform.

They are so use to spending countless hours on the other ones with nothing to show for it, I told my friend about it and he was more then happy to be apart of the steemit family and to add value to the platform.

What about the other?

It's a well known fact that people don't like change therefore getting paid in cryptocurrency for blogging about something you like is not something they are interested in. Come to think of it, it would be very hard for them to shift from writing post they copy and past from credible source and act like its theirs in addition to editing pictures for hours just to get a 100 likes.

Why I love steemit?

I love steemit because it allows you to be yourself and find like minded persons all over the world to share your idea and life with. It allows you to tell stories, poems and great articles with value added information. I'M ADDICTED TO STEEMIT, as I'm a full time blogger however I'm still learning new things about steemit every day.

What's your accomplishment on steemit?

  1. My biggest accomplishments were hinting the 50 followers mark and looking forward to hint 100 soon.

  2. Was able to encourage one of my cool friend to in and I'm looking to add even more in the future.

  3. I feel good in myself to step up to the plate to have the confidence to be a blogger.

I have to say thanks to all my follower also I have great things in store for this blog page



Great to meet you! We'll soon have some more Jamaican company on Steemit. ;)

lol yes indeed I'm planning on inviting all my friends

Hello Andre :) nice to meet you here! i was looking for jamaican content on this platform as jamaica is one of my favorite countries. when i was younger i booked a holiday on this island and stayed for years ;)
so i will follow you and i'm looking forward to your posts and i hope you can bring steemit to more jamaicans ...nuff respect!

awesome I'm happy you get to spend a lot of time on my wonderful island of Jamaica ... ;) yes I have a lot of content for you all to enjoy and thanks for following i will surely follow you