Steemit is breeding creative power with blockchain

in steemit •  3 years ago 

Whatever is emerging in result grows like crazy

How did the brand new social network, announced only three months ago and still not out of Beta become the most probable social media disruptor? By combining the blockchain technology with the concept of social media, it offered the long-awaited alternative to platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.


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Good article, but you should post it on Steemit!

You are absolutely right. It's just that we are a new media who wants to draw some attention to itself :))

Sorry guys, but teaser articles is not a good way to go for Steem. Though we should find a way to let media's earn with Steem

Agreed. Sorry for that. I'll publish next article in a proper way.
Thank you.


This is probably the best description of Steem I've ever encountered.
Very solid and without hype. Well done.

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Hello World/py.