UFO Over Australia CONFIRMED Via Radar

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In this shocking video, a news site in New Zealand covered a story about a man who was utilizing a flight tracking radar application. What this man witnessed on this radar app cannot be explained by everyday logic.
This man was able to catch a very fast moving object that came into sight, then continued traveling towards New South Wales, Australia. This object is moving at speeds much faster than an airplane - nearly 100 times faster than any of the actual airplanes on the radar screen.
This unidentified flying object shoots over the ocean and across the screen. Luckily for us, they were able to contact the original source that reported the story from the New Zealand news site. One of their reporters also spotted the object on one of their traffic/weather cameras, giving a clearer view of the object from their perspective.
The object appears to hover or maneuver around, though it is not necessarily clear WHAT the flying object is. One thing is absolutely clear: this is NOT any type of aircraft that we are used to seeing. It travels in an odd way that does not match any behavior of an airplane, and also has very different light colors/shapes not similar to any aircraft around.
What do you think? Click the link below to view!



After some investigation these type of news comes out as fake

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Yes definitely a UFO, but we still need to ask ourselves is this a man made reversed engineered military craft from a deep black project or an actual ET alien craft of some sort. Either way great hard date here and good info

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