We learning any lessons yet, SteemIt? Your gullible feelings WILL be ruthlessly manipulated here in order to extract upvotes from you.

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Guys, do let me know if you see what some of these catch-all titles may have in common:

I was Raped by My Husband's Doberman on Wedding Night

I'm Homeless But I Forgive You (if you upvote)

Am on Heroin & Have AIDS, but I'm OK for now, Hello Steem from Boy in Somalia

Girl, 17, Training to Become Pilot & Save the Whales!

If you said: "they're all fake", you might be onto something bro, but that isn't the point. You know that isn't the point, too.

Why don't we, for the sake of argument just assume they are all verified and legit.

We can try such a thought experiment, yes?

Here's the big deal: What Do You Care?

What has that pretty girl that posted her legit fully verified boobsy selfies actually contributed to the Steem content platform?

Who cares if she's training to become a pilot??? Who cares if she has "defeated" severe meningitis, cholera, and genital herpes during her short, yet brave life?

What about the drug addict who saw the light and is SO excited he is now clean, starting a new life thanks to SteemIT and launching lots of balloons w/ the SteemIt logo together with disadvantaged disabled children from his neighbourhood? Why do you care about that?

We're such adorable, gullible little Steemies. These goodie-goodie feelings of yours got you all confused. They're so easy to manipulate, it's a joke. That's exactly what's going to kill you, if you don't wake the fork up soon. You know it's funny, on the darker side of the Internet, they even have a special name for you right now, they derisively call you the normies! It seems whereever people who have half a clue get together to talk, nobody wants to be caught dead doing that normie stuff; but you think that's the only thing you can and should do. Like this is Television Land 3.0, with all the nicey-nice, politically correct, perfect hair people who talk like car salesmen.

You actually only get angry about the "non-verifiers", not even realizing that the verified people are currently manipulating you way the hell more than the outright liars & imposters that you're trying your best to weed out.

And it's truly sad.

Because your job here is to curate the future, to separate the wheat from the chaff... the blockchain, the crypto fortress in a sea of oppressive chaos, the dream of a greater future for humankind... but listen, with this "I'll upvote based on my feelings" attitude, you're absolutely doomed to permanently be taken advantage of. You're the doormat for everyone to rub their dirty boots (and especially dirty high heels) off with. Want me to tell you why?

You're dumb enough to offer people free money in exchange for just tickling your feeeelings a little.

You should be well scared at this point.

The tear-jerking puppetmasters of every stripe are, by all appearances, really revving up their machinery.

Today I read about a woman who runs the so-called "secret writer" program, which is nothing but industrial scale tear jerking using random stories from anons, so that you lot can upvote and pay her. It's remarkable! She is even cunning enough to limit herself to 1 story a day, not 4 as you may think max efficiency would call for. We wouldn't want the idiots waking up and seeing this spam for what it is.

The problem is not with the woman.

If you think I'm ranting here against her or others like her who brutally take advantage of you, you're wrong. I admire the woman, that woman really knows how to hustle. She may have already run out of tear-jerk stories about herself, since she's been here a few weeks now, milking you, so she came up with a way to keep milking you indefinitely without even having to lie overtly about anything. We all have a lot to learn from that woman, no sarcasm.

But hey, what do I know? You actively consent to her doing this, every time you upvote, so maybe it's a sado-maso type thing you both enjoy as consenting adults, and whatever floats your boat, it's your life bro.

But whatever it is, we're still defenseless idiots here, and it's like a seal clubbing club right now. As you know, evolution does not favour the weak, or the stupid.

I hope you quit being so fluffy, innocent, and defenseless soon, Steem. Because if you don't, you won't be around for long.

#steemit #introduceyourself #writing #secret-writer #life


The truth hurt my feelings, but I'll feel better if people like my comment.

I like it. Have a gold victim badge with sparkles of upvote. It's on me, bro.

Sorry bro, i'm upvote that post with my forefinger, not the middle.

But all that story u telling - it about human's right?
Not about the technology, not about steem or facebook or whatever.

Technology can't change human's.

Spot on. Such is the heart of Man (and of Woman, well, it's even worse).

I will say, I've been trying to come up with ideas of how we can convince people to be better community members, but so far most of my ideas would sound somewhat oppressive and non-decentralized. I've made a couple of posts requesting upvotes so I could help my parents with my dad's medical bills. I even managed to make the first donation on his crowd funding campaign in the name of steemit yet there has been almost no further interest in the campaign, even after I've shared the link multiple times showing how much the post earned, what exchange rate I used to get the bitcoin, and how much was donated. It's starting to get frustrating that I see a post with a meme (which takes what, thirty seconds to make?) garners 900 in the course of two hours.

I also try to be really involved in the community. I'm not a developer so I can't write fancy websites or apps, but I've been lurking, trying to answer questions and help when people ask. A lot of the time it seems like the circlejerk is still alive and well, but it looks more like most people have their backs to each other. Sorry if this is a bit of a rant but I really do like this site, I love the idea and I want to see it grow and work and become a place that will genuinely benefit humanity... but maybe I've just got too much faith in people.

The solution is obvious. Your dad needs boobs and a winning smile.

Keep up the good work!

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