SteemIt Becoming an Unusual Celebrity Moshpit?

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Got some celebs on SteemIt now. No biggie.

Ever notice that they seem to act different here than anywhere else, though?

Is it just me, or does the magic of SteemIt somehow seem to cast the celebrity straight into the melting pot, the mosh pit of humankind? Unlike any other platform?


Coming here, they're pelted with upvotes, downvotes, comments and trollings. You'd think it would be the same as, say, on Twitter or Facebook, or even CNN.

But I'm watching it closely, and it's completely different. It's not just a show, a gig to do and forget about, Steem's more like a meeting of old friends. This surprises the hell out of me. Watch them. They, our cherished celebs, seem to feel good in the spotlight, and Steemians feel good playing with these demi-gods in their midst.

The Mosh Pit... That's the analogy we'll use.

Could it be we're the only place that actually celebrates the celebrity, giving him or herself a chance to feel welcome and part of something real, instead of just used by some corporation for a mundane purpose, like a urinal?


Celebs don't seem to over-power anything or tip any scales here by their presence and fame. They're just one of us, with their own failings, dirt under the fingernail, and stinky socks. We aren't intimidated, we love to chide and joke with them.


Look at Strauss, he's killing it on Steem, and the way he does it is by opening up his heart and soul like we're over at his house, having a beer and flipping through old albums together, laughing about the old days...

There is something unique about all this, and I can't put my finger on quite what is causing it:

  • Is it the fact that "We The People" directly give our celebrity the money? We do it via the upvotes, instead of giving it to some middle man - a publisher, an agent, a media conglomerate? Is that changing the whole dynamic?
  • Is it because SteemIt remains quite small for now, relatively speaking, and the mosh pit feeling will disappear as it grows?
  • Is it somehow inherent in the deeper disruptive nature of the blockchain technology itself, the new frontier of crypto standing outside the $USD Matrix?

I open the floor, and am eager to hear what you think! Am I full of shit or onto something here?


I think there are two factors at play here:

  1. Steemit is still very small. Only ~50k accounts. So there is a strong sense of community. Compare that to, say, Twitter, which has over 300m accounts and little sense of community anymore.
  2. Steemit incentivses good behaviour, and being polite and friendly to each other. I suppose trolls will come here eventually. But it's only the polite and friendly posts and comments which will get upvoted.

I see what you're saying with #2, but, for example Strauss IS a troll. Just watch his TV appearances!

Heck, I am a troll. You can be a troll with the lulz of Pepe the Frog and the heart of a saint. I beg to differ on the notion that the jester and teaser must always be downvoted to oblivion by the "good people".

Hi! This post has a Flesch-Kincaid grade level of 6.6 and reading ease of 79%. This puts the writing level on par with Stephen King and Dan Brown.

Stephen King? You flatter me Isaac, you honey dripper.

Not too shabby for one lazy Saturday night!


I'm Lord Fucking Vader. I act like this everywhere.

this article ONLY accepts upvotes made with middle finger

(thanks Grandma!)

I agree. It's different here. Like you, I can't put my finger on why.

Wonder who's going to get the "First steemit stage dive"

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