Bot Registry on Sitewide Bot Identification and Pest Control by Users

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how we can control the bot population with this One Weird Trick....................................................

Nah, just kidding.

Although let's imagine together.

What if there was special section on, called the Bot Registry.

Since everything a user or a bot has ever posted on the blockchain is public, a cadre of trusted users called the Bot Witnesses or BotBusters could easily review their activities and vote to give the bot one of these site-wide badges:

  • Bot: Useful - if they feel it has a useful function for the community, like CheetahBot. Would be the highest accolade a bot can hope to earn.
  • Bot - just be a bot and you eventually get this badge.
  • Bot: Evil - Attack bots that auto-downvote, post links to unsafe hacker sites, deface comments, etc.
  • Bot: Spam - It's for annoying spamming bots, what did you expect.

They would only do this once they see enough activity on the account that looks so repetetive and identical that they are sure it's a bot.

The little badges they give out would then automatically appear next to the bot's name in the comments. Steemit could even make it so that comments from known and badged bots are always at the bottom of the pile, or always hidden (have to "reveal" to see it) if we know it's evil.

Steemians all over the site could just reply to what they think are bot posts with "#bot", which would then automatically add that username to a "to be reviewed" list used by our brave BotBusters.

What do @ned and @dan think about giving pest-control over to the users?

Who wants to be in BotBusters next week?

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There really is nothing worst then Bot Spam. I can help in any way let me know!

Hi! This post has a Flesch-Kincaid grade level of 7.0 and reading ease of 79%. This puts the writing level on par with Stephen King and Dan Brown.

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