Nothing comes easy , even on the steem blockchain

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We have had a rough couple of month when it comes to the cryptocurrency market, and if you are someone who isn't patient enough you might say cryptos are a hoax especially after the run that was there late 2017.

Price of STEEM and SBD has been fluctuating gor months now, at times it seems to be 'mooning' then all of a sudden boom, tanks again! For people new to crypto this can be very stomach churning, spending time writing a quality post only to watch it's rewards decrease day by day.

I don't know why negative news travels so fast, but it's alot of what we hear when it comes to cryptos;

"You can't make it on steemit without the use of bots..."
There are people making it, writing quality posts that get raw votes from you and me, and they took the time to build themselves to that point. As humans we are relational creatures, and its how best we create relationships that mostly determine how we live. Continue writing quality, people will notice and the small $0.01 votes will add up to $$$ votes.

"People are leaving steemit"
True, people are leaving but they are also joining in the numbers, sadly most of us joined for the quick cash concept that was thrown at us. News Flash! It's not as quick as you thought, you gotta work for it. Stick it through and ride the wave.

"Whales don't care"
Most of the steem infrastructure (front end , back end, apps) are maintained by whales and volunteers, if it were not for most of them steemit wouldn't be where it is and to drive it further the community that is you and me need to work together, reason together and share with them how to make the best out of steemit.
P.S: Anyone with a solution to reward pool rape?
There are those who really care about steemit and would go heaven and earth to see Steemit succeed.

We are all here to learn and earn , instead of complaining, what solution(s) are you willing to offer?

As always I choose to remain SteemdOn!

The views are my own



I'm not sure about most other things but crypto is def not a hoax.

But it requires alot of patience, alot alot

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