Posting Replies now will bump the post to the top of the active list and a couple more changes I've noticed here.

in #steemit6 years ago (edited)

This is a great change and will stimulate us to engage into more interesting conversations and discussions.


  • Payouts are now 12 hours . Awesome. Makes everything more dynamic and avoid posts accumulating too much money.
  • There's a new pop up that shows when you click on the users name. You can choose to follow or mute users. Great, but not sure what the follow button does.
  • There's also a limit for 5 tags per post. Perfect.

Loving these changes.

Anything else you've noticed?


It is pretty insane how just by adding the the Steemit tag you get instant 40 something bot votes. Crazy. That's why minnows can't have too much power, these upvoting bots could crash the whole system.

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