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When I was new to cryptocurrency I was also sceptical, but now I don't really care when the currency goes down, I just think that is a good opportunity to buy and sell later when it will go up ☺

As you see steem now is going up again, and I am sharing this because some new people were sceptical yesterday when it was going down a little bit ☺

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So try to be always positive with any cryptocurrency, because it will make some people happier when they buy it with low price and sell it with good one ☺

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That dip was scary. I'm glad that's over now.

is wasn't scary for me ☺

haha same here buddy

Lets hope for the best and try to make this community as great as possible, bacause this will help steem grow.

Pumps and Dumps ... this is the market.

It still scares me some days but I wont dump on dips, I have learnt that much.

We have to stay calm when it happens

so true ☺