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So I converted my group with almost 20k members into a group for steemit users, to help them grow faster and here it the link to the group :

Here are the the updated rules : 

  1. When you share you have two option :  The First and the better one is to share your post from steemit into your wall in facebook, then share it in the group !                The second is to share a link + picture ! 
  2. When you share please don't write any thing with your link !
  3. You can share just once a day !
  4. You can comment the same post not more than 3 times per day, but if you do it just for having your post up, it will be agains the rules ! ( the same comments are not acceptble ! )
  5. Don't comment other posts with links or just asking to follow you or vote !
  6. Be creative, think before you post something on steemit, steemit is not about spamming or about asking people to do what they didn't like themselfs, steemit is clean place don't make it like facebook !

Please follow the rules, it helps me moderate the group, because a lot of spammers are in the group that want to ruin it, so don't be a spammer that post everywhere, you will never succeed like that, and you have to know that the good earning in steemit is when the whale that mean the popular person here vote on you, and I don't think that popular people like spammers ! So be special and you will succeed for sure ! 

Follow @Clixmoney , add more people to the group, follow the rules ! 


thanks !

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