I really enjoy Steemit

in #steemit3 years ago

It's a great place to share life events and to just practice blogging. Maybe it's one of my fishing trips with friends. Yes that fish is real :)

Group photo time.jpg
Or a Superkids camp for underprivileged kids. I have been putting on these camps for many years now and this year because of Covid 19 it's going to be a little different. Thank you steemit for giving me the chance to learn how to blog. I will always be a part of this amazing community!


Great catch! I congratulate you!

camps for children in our country are now under great question. How will it all be organized? And soon the summer will begin.

Day camp style on a big field and games will be social distancing games. Divide into smaller groups :)

Oh, this distancing.
It is difficult to keep children within certain limits and at a distance.

Thats forsure but just got to do our best

Good fish👍

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