Thanks you for 100 Followers :)

in #steemit3 years ago

Hello community,

Today I want to say thanks to my followers, supporters, resteemers and all the people who are writting comments under my posts. After 42 Days of using steemit I broke the 100 Follower mile-stone :'D

I know, for many people 100 followers isn't really much. But for me this means there are already 100 humans who are laughting about my memes, enjoying the music I share with you and we all are the same somehow :)

So without losing more words, Let's grow together!

Enjoy your day Steemers and thanks you <3 :D


Congratulations @clayz on reaching 103 followers in only 43 days!

I wish you continued success!

Remember high quality articles are the key to continued success and getting even more followers!

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I have followed and upvoted you.

You gained one more followers ! Your article on Verge is interesting

Thanks you really much, welcome to the community :)