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Steemians are now smiling again because the HF20 is over. For over a day, users had been unable to access their steem wallet, or even withdraw funds. It was the Hard Fork 20 experience. This was an upgrade carried on the Steem blockchain.


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The just completed Hardfork 20 codenamed 'Velocity' is the 20th undergone on the Steem blockchain. The maintenance has also led to the introduction to a new feature on the platform called Resource Credits . RC is more like a bandwidth which determines the level of your interaction on the platform e.g it determines the number of times users can post, vote and transfer.

Steemians have began posting now and carry out other activities on Steemit, this means the upgrade system is now stabilized. It is so nice once again being able to post again on Steemit.



Yeah, it's a good thing that we've been able to resume blogging activities on the steem blockchain. Let's hope that the unintended consequences of this upgrade will not outweigh the benefits. Well done bro

Yea brother! From the look of things , hopefully it won't. Thanks for stopping by.

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