Mac Users: New to Burstcoin Wallet, Plotting & Mining

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As a brand new user I've round-faced heaps of problem what required per week to unravel with facilitate of @haitch , @daWallet and a few alternative kind miners.
Without telling the story let Pine Tree State tell you ways i am mining now:


No need to download the big blockchain DB at the begging. Just use the web wallet.

And then activate your's account by going to the faucet

For setup your wallet for pool mining use

Login to your wallet & paste bellow url and press enter

fill up:
Set reward recipient:
Passphrase: Your passphrase
For enter this number: BURST-32TT-TSAC-HTKW-CC26C
leave 2 field on the top.


Use mjminer.
Go to:
and download the zip file and unzip it.
In terminal open that path(cd into mjminer-master directory)
write make and press enter, if you see bellow error:

--- Compiling for 64-bit arch ---
as -o shabal64-darwin.o shabal64-darwin.s
shabal64-darwin.s:30:14: error: single quote way too long
64 'ptr' field (8 bytes)

make: *** [shabal64-darwin.o] Error 1```

open file shabal64-darwin.s in any text editor and replace the single quote with double quote on line 30 as bellow

64 "ptr" field (8 bytes)

Now in terminal command/write make and press enter. Hope this time it'll compile successfully.

for first time ploting use commad like bellow

./plot -k 6891xxx9176xxx3xxx -d /Volumes/ArchiveRB/plots -s 0 -n 409600 -m 8192 -t 3

-k : the number after it is your Numerical ID
-d: The path where you want to create the plot file
-s: Plot starting point, for first plot start with 0
-n: How much space(in nounce) you want to plot(see more bellow)
-m: How much memory you want to consume during plot your file
-t: Number of thread of you CPU want to engage to do this, check your CPU config in google to find out how many Thread you CPU have

Use plot command generator:
Download the zip and open the index.html to your browser.
Here is what @haitch thought me about it:
"For first plot
s 0 # Start at nonce 0 # next plot start at (-s value) + (-n value)
-n 380928 # Each nonce = 256KB. Divide (disk size) by (262144), then divide by (stagger size -m) : round down, multiply by (stagger size.)
-m 4096 # a nonce is 256KB, so 4096 nonces = 1GB. With more memory, multiply by amount to use
-t ? # will depend on your CPU, it's the number of threads to use - set it to number of CPU threads, or threads - 1 to make it more usable"

To Plot 100GB in Macmini core i5 took 5 hours, to plot 1TB taking 36 hours.


Use burstcoin-jminer-0.4.4-SNAPSHOT

Download and modify file named ```````. I did as below, you do with your data where needed.


Leave other conf as it is they'll take the default value. This file has very good explanation hope you'll find that very helpful. Thanks @r-majere for doing this nicely.

now go to into that directory using terminal and press command like bellow:


*** So happy mining! ***
Replay and Upvote if you think it's helpful. Thanks

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hi @cikizan
you sudah mencoba?

coba apaan gan

itu mining brust

yups mining brust gan

thank you, i'm now plotting on my mac

How did it go ? did you had any error message saying "Unable to get mining info from wallet" ?

I' have only used the plotting, the plotted drive i have put in a windows machine. to generate the command i used mjminer-Plot-Command-Generator (