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RE: the original photo of Cut Nyak Dhien

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The original female hero in the land of Aceh in the time of Kesulthanan Iskandar Muda,

You've made a mistake😁 Cut Nyak Dhien didn't live in Iskandar Muda Kingdom Era, it was 15-16 centuries but She's one of the heroine who existed in the late 18th century, when the dutch occupied Aceh for 30 years.

I think the only photo of Cut Nyak Dhien that taken by the Dutch was only one piece before they sent her to Sumedang. You need to check on the source. I think the picture above ☝ not a photo but a drawing.


maybe it's a mistake that I have taken from a picture in the past, and also indeed Tjut Njak Dhien is not a hero during Sulthan Iskandar Muda, but what I mean here is the first photo that has ever appeared in the media or that has often been seen, it is an illustration not the actual photo and here I want a history that does not exist until it is embedded in time, the task of the next generation to lift the surface again so as not to lose the identity of a nation.


If you want to do so.. because you care so much about history and generation.. you shall take a look into the manuscript or legal sources of the history.

The dutch government never had a chance to take her picture while hse was young .. but who knows the had? In your article.. you're trying to convince the readers that cut nyak dhien just like in the illustration above.. while you admitted that you've made a mistake.

That's not the way how to preserved the truth of history, IMO

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