Showing my Appreciation!!

in steemit •  3 months ago

I’ve been getting all kinda love left and right since my start and I just wanted to show my gratitude.

👊🏾 Steem!

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steem record will such an amazing thing
it will be much fun to see most of the celebrities sharing their videos and stuffs here for us to read @christtheglove welcome man
greetings from Ghana

Dope man glad to see you rocking some Steem!!!!!! Glad to have you in our community much luv!!!!!

I’m ready Mr.Viquez...let’s work!

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Heaterville knows how to get in contact with me...


I got u bro!

Good stuff! 💯


Hey man so wanna help you make more stuff if you want, but do u wanna host a CNBC type show think like G EASY but to do with crypto like just show the prices going up and only show em when they go up :D

There goes the neighborhood... 😛

We should make a Steem platinum record.


I’m all in for platinum in my veins...#westcoast !!! Lol

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@christheglove I'm your man if you wanna make a Steem Record!!!!

Upvoted man hell yeah and I have an actual projecty to simply buy some Ad Space on at the good Year Blimp for STEEM and Ice Cube to realy get Ice cCube to join steem and bring back the old hip hop viibe to LA and ooh yeah lets get Pep Lobe man

Where is Pep Love Hieroglyphics hmm ok ill message them on facebook and email their contact email on their website

Please @thejohalfiles you should hear my idea to either CGI or real life buy some actual LCD screen time on the Good Year Blimp or any Blimp our own if needed, and have it say "Steem" and "Ice Cube's a Pimp"

Ima buy some more upvotes for ya many to prove my Loyalty to the THIS NEW RECORD INDUSTRY you are BUILDING HERE we will build you the white paper. :)

Hi hello @christheglove I love meeting celebrities by this means, and also nice because they answer the greetings, that allows me to appreciate the humility that is in you and with your gratitude your great charisma of being human, are very valuable qualities in a human being. Many successes and rain of blessings for your path.
Good vibes.

En Español: Hola, hola @christheglove Me encanta conocer celebridades por este medio, y también es agradable porque responden a los saludos, eso me permite apreciar la humildad que hay en ti y con tu gratitud tu gran carisma de ser humano, son cualidades muy valiosas en un ser humano . Muchos éxitos y lluvia de bendiciones para tu camino. Buenas vibraciones.

Hi and Thank you!!

En Español: Gracias!

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Happy to hear how welcoming the community has been to you. It sure is a different place than most other platforms. Welcome onboard!


intresting blog i m impresed to read it thank's

Great to have you here on Steemit!

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Showing you even MOAR love @christheglove

👊 Respect!


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