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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused countless people to lose their jobs all around the world. In order to support themselves and their families, many turned their sights on the internet to earn money. Online jobs, gigs, cryptocurrency investment, etc., are just some way to earn money while not leaving the safety and comfort of one’s home.
Aside from that, people also looked for mobile applications that would allow them to earn a little bit of money by simply doing easy task. But not every application that claimed to allow their users to earn money is legit. In reality, many of them are just cams that prey on unsuspecting victims.
Today I will introduce to you all a legit app that could actually help you earn a bit of money during the pandemic. The name of the app is BUZZBREAK.


BUZZBREAK is a mobile application for android that allow its users to earn points by simply reading news articles, watching short videos, logging in everyday, claiming points every hour, and through referrals. After earning enough points, the user could then cash out said earning through variety of methods like Paypal or Gcash depending on your region.

How do you register?

The registration process at BUZZBREAK is incredibly easy and simple. After downloading and opening the app, the user could then choose to register using their Gmail account or Facebook account. Once registered the users could then start earning points through methods stated above.

How much is the minimum cash out amount?

What great about BUZZBREAK is that the app’s minimum cash out is just $0.50. Yes, you read that right. Just $0.50!
Many apps required their users to save $1-10 just to cash out their earnings. But not BUZZBREAK. As long as you save enough points that’s equivalent to $0.50 then one can cash out anytime they wanted. What’s more, the transaction is very fast, sometime almost instantly.


BUZZBREAK is a great and legit app to earn a little money during the pandemic. It’s among those rare mobile apps that is very generous in giving users ways to earn points through easy and simple methods. Even if the user is not very active, he or she could still earn points by simply logging in everyday and claiming points every hour. What’s more, it also allows users to earn a lot through referrals. If one is good at inviting people then they could potentially earn a lot from this app.

Download and Referral

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