Steem Smart with George Donnelly

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The latest episode of Choice Conversations and is now up, and boy is this one special! In this show, I talk with George Donnelly from the Steem Smart podcast. We do a deep dive into Steemit, the social news site which combines blogging with the cryptocurrency steem.

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What are the differences between steem, steemit, steem power, and steem dollars? Can you make money off of steemit? Is it concerning that whales have so much power on the platform? Should we be worried that the power behind the steem block chain is centralized? How do you write a good introduceyourself post? George is actually kind enough to give me some pointers on my introduceyourself post on the air during the show. Good stuff you won't want to miss!

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lol. You betcha!

It was an interesting conversation and the hour passed quickly. Thanks!

You're welcome. I could see future conversations as well. Unschooling and expatriation are ripe topics for us to explore. :)