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On my time here, I was wondering what I would do to receive my first downvote. I am an extremely positive and open-minded person so I don't really expect a lot of downvotes on Steemit. But today I got my first courtesy of @lykencrypto .


I was looking at his post title "wake and bake-deCRED.." and saw that the cheetah the robot had noticed some similiar content.

I was curious so I clicked the link which led me to a blog written by Jon Creasy. I was like this isn't the same @lykencrypto I saw in the youtube video he posted in the same post.

I read over the article on Jon Creasy's blog and then look at @lykencrypto 's post and legit the guy copied three WHOLE paragraphs from the blog. He didn't bother to change anything; he legit just copied and pasted three paragraphs of information and put on his Steemit article.

I let @steemcleaners know about this plagiarism in his comments and he responded with a downvote and random attempts to cover up.



I just had to share this experience with the Steemit community because it looks like the guy has a strong following and is making money of this content.

Did I do the right thing by reporting this guy? Is there a way Steemit can set up protection so that if people do find bogus content they are not worried about a downvote?

Thank you as always for your time and attention.



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Well, you did the right thing - the only ones to guard the community against plagiarists are the community itself.. I used to help out with the art-plagiarists, but I have been a bit too busy lately. But it was always like this: the people that have it in them to plagiarise is also the ones that will flag and howl and be unreasonable.


You are exactly right. And thank you for those words, I really appreciate that. Just trying to do my part to make sure this community thrives.


Fine job trooper :)


Thank you so much :)

It is always a dirty business to call people out. It just has to be done. Maybe a bot would be best suited I do not know. I reviewed your links and cheetahs and they indeed look like plagiarism.


Yeah I think a bot would be best. Thanks for the support buddy

Sorry to hear man, they say to always report blatant plagiarism. The upvotes will out weigh the one down hopefully. Sorry this happened to you


Thanks buddy, I felt like I was doing the right thing. Appreciate your words.

lol, there's a first time for everything man! And you even called the person out..haha


rightttttttt just thought I would share my experience :)


I think you did the right thing


Thanks buddy I appreciate that

Its funny how mad he got when you caught him plagiarizing. He probably pays people to write his articles for him and didn't realize they stole some information from another post.


rightttttt wow I didnt even think of that. I just thought he was lazy.

Just a little bump on the road, don´t let this affect you.
One question, which app do you use to see the downvotes?

Thanks and cheer up mate!


Thanks buddy I appreciate your words. I use the to check my stuff

Great characters do seldom come without downvotes. Good job keeping the community great! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Wow thank you for your words. I really appreciate that buddy :)

I think you did the right thing and stood your ground exposing this plagiarizer. Karma will catch up and he will be exposed, it's only a matter of time.


Thank you buddy I really appreciate that. I needed that

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thanks :)