Conventional Social Media - Are they really Social? Why is STEEM POWER going to work?

in steemit •  2 years ago

In the last decade or so, Social Media has changed the way we live. The advent of smart phones have taken this revolution to a greater height. There have been numerous benefits in terms of ease of communicating with long lost friends to spending lonely times checking in to your virtual mode of entertainment. There are even instances that people with little or no literacy are now learning to read and write because of the popularity of smart phones and social media sites. 

While these benefits are undeniable, most of the general masses have been consumers of the social media. They create a colossal amount of content of useful information for the social media companies every second, and that too not only free of charge but sometimes paying up the social media company to create a content. In this kind of market, the advent of STEEMIT is not only a right thing to do but a hope to the world that there are companies that think that customers are part of their business and have a share in their success. Therefore, I would call  STEEMIT a Social Media to its truest sense.  

As the customer base grows, I am certain that STEEMIT would have an edge over other competitors in the domain because not only it has real users, but it also has a set of people who believe in the STEEMIT spirit, a sense of teamwork and belongingness, which other social media lack. Furthermore, I can already see much better and more valuable content being posted here than mundane posts in other conventional media. As long as we maintain this steam (STEEM), it will have enough STEEM POWER to overtake all the Social Media of the day.  

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Nice work! I totally agree that the good vibes and the chance to get something back for "all the time you waste online" is a huge competitive advantage.

How long until Facebook feels the pressure and starts paying its users? I'll laugh when that day comes!


I agree with you. What companies like Facebook and Twitter have done till now is, they have made money out of people who create online content for them without giving them anything. Rules of the game has changed with coming of Steemit. So, let's hope for the best.