Six Subtle Ways to Improve Your Steemit Success

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Hello everybody! In this blog, I will be discussing six, more subtle ways to improve your success on Steemit. I am aware that there are lots of really good blogs out there about improving your steemit success. Right off the top of my head, @charles1, @denmarkguy, @papa-pepper are just a few of the Steemians with remarkable posts that can help you be more successful on steemit. I've been on Steemit since June 2cd of this year and have learned so much in just a few months. I feel I have gained enough knowledge to pass on some things that have helped with my success on Steemit thus far.


  1. For starters - be yourself!! You may be thinking, well, I am! But let's really think about that. I feel you should interact with your fellow Steemian in the way you'd interact with a friend, or how you'd interact with someone in a generally friendly/ jovial way. If not, you're doing something wrong. If you find your responses don't seem authentic, simply don't respond that way. You're responses should be "just right " - in that they should never feel obligatory, fueled by rage, forced, fueled by anxiety, pressured, or rushed. If they do, you may seem disingenuous or agenda driven. Conversation and responses should flow and feel organic. Of course, there is MOST definitely a time and a place for more passionate responses, so don't get me wrong. Speaking of responses, lets move on to point two.


  1. Responses & Upvoters I think it is extremely important to respond to all comments on your posts - with the exception of obvious spam like, "nice. Check my blog" or "upvote me ", etc. The reason you should respond to genuine comments I would hope is relatively obvious. But let's delve into that - that person gave of their time and MOST LIKELY voting power to comment/ upvote/ demonstrate their support for you. Appreciate that!! I don't care if the person is the tiniest minnow ever, all comments and showings of support & interest in what you're trying to convey should be recognized and not forgotten. Furthermore, try to pay attention to your regular readers and upvoters. Chances are they have similar interests, so you really should try to check out their blogs. I've met a lot of cool people on here just by doing that.


  1. The Club Mentality Fortunately, there are a lot of awesome groups here on steemit, like the minnow support project, PAL, or steemit blogger central. Unfortunately, there is also a fair amount of "cliques " and "clubs." Remember the more exclusive you make something, the more people you are ultimately ex-cluding. Now, let's not be silly. Clearly if you are a hard core scientifically minded person you may not enjoy an exclusively esoteric type group. But let's say your group is aimed towards helping minnows, well perhaps make sure your "requirements " aren't so exclusive that people who would be good fits are excluded, or worse, publicly booted. Unless a really serious problem is encountered like hate speech, spam and the like public bootings of people are never okay. You really need to know your people. They may be having a serious personal problem. Think first! I run Steemit Dreamit on fb. I don't guarantee everyone is gonna get an upvote or a resteem so therefore I certainly don't expect it then publicly humiliate and or kick someone out when they don't. Just an example. Doing so makes you come accross as very cold, apathetic, and unkind. If someone in Steemit Dreamit becomes quiet, I will contact them personally to make sure they are okay, not simply out them from the group.


  1. Taking things too seriously Steemit should be fun. Now, I know some people rely heavily on their steemit income. That's fine!! But even the ones I know that do still have an air of lightheartedness to their posts. You don't want your readers thinking this is just "another day at the job " for you!!

  2. Less focus on MONEY Lets face it, steemit is not a get rich quick scheme. If you are genuine and write from the heart you will probably do better. I started doing that early on in my steemit "career " and within two weeks had a post that made $297. It was about the wrongful execution of Michael Perry. I have never made a post even remotely that much since. And that's fine. I never expected it. I'm happy to make money on here period. I'm happy when my post has over 40 votes even if if they're "tiny" one cent votes. All those people who voted may turn into mighty whales one day. You never know. Be thankful for it all!!


  1. Don't be afraid to show your personality and share things about your life. I think this one is very important. Now, I am by no means saying you need to be airing out all your dirty laundry on here. I am simply saying, people will generally appreciate personal stories and anecdotes. After all, it helps us to feel more connected to our fellow man (or woman.) I have some folks I am following now who I know are awesome people but never drop complete paragraphs or even sentences into their postings. Don't be afraid to share an emotional moment or a "vulnerable " story.

So that's it for now. Hope this can help you on some way. Please feel free to add your thoughts to this post in the comments. Would love to hear from you!

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I can definitely agree with it as well as just keep putting in the hard work and keep being active so others will know who you are!

I enjoy giving constructive/valuable feedback that is more than 1 line, showing your efforts to the authors of the posts.

Thank you for the share. :)

Consistenty and quality responses - key!

That is a GEM of a post right there, with some solid advice. Also, this was a perfect image to include:

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Yes, this picture is put in a perfect context. I think I"ve seen it before, but never the less it cayched my eye, and forced me to read this post from the start to the very end. It is good to get some new motivation once in a whike, again and again.
Thanks to @chelsea88 for a warm post.

Thanks papa! Sure appreciate you dropping by and for the input. Yep, that's one of my favorite images.

Thanks @chelsea88 for sharing this helpful article.

You're most welcome!!

I love these tips, @Chelsea88! I feel like it's always good to check in and evaluate how things are going and asking myself if I'm doing these things was a great baseline.

Hey there @ilovedietcoke!! Thanks for dropping by. Been to any cool state parks with your 4th grader recently?

We went to Mt Rainier 2 weeks ago. I really want to go to as many places as we can. We live in an area that has so many amazing place to visit.

You really do. You can be my tour guide when I go visit that part of the country! ☺

Oh yeah! I really want to go to Mt St Helens but my youngest is terrified that it will erupt while we're there.

Aww! I prob would be too (not now, as a child lol)

This is a nice collection of tips for new users. My advice would be just keep hammering away and eventually you'll nail it.

That's true too consistency is key

Amazing post :) everything here it´s Gold <3 Followed

Thank you!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I agree with you, be yourself there's enough fake stuff out there

Right on! Glad you enjoyed this post!

What a truly brilliant piece! Yes always be yourself because being fake really gets you know where and people in the end will respect you if you are real! And don't even get me started on the club mentality! I am so with you on that. But you certainly got an upvote from me and resteeming!

I'm glad you "get it!" =) Thanks allot for the comment and resteem!

Oh I get it more than most may realize hahaha and my absolute pleasure 😊

Thank you, @chelsea88! All of your points contain common sense and courtesy and empathy for others. I will enjoy watching your success and posts!

I appreciate your comment. Yes, even a little empathy goes a long way doesn't it?

Yes, indeed! :)