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in steemit •  6 months ago

I know I missed posting yesterday, which isn't a good thing if I am going to be serious about my posting consistency. I was playing golf with a few friends and then had a family dinner.

I was thinking today though, how much steem power do you need to start having a significant influence on curation and author rewards?

I currently have a bit over $1000 dollars invested in various cryptocurrencies, predominantly wanchain, but was wondering if there would be any value in me investing all of this in steem and then converting it to steem power???

My main reasoning for this would be the fact that I would feel like I would then have more control over the return on my investment. Instead of completely leaving it in the hands of the movements of the market, I could use the steem power to consistently be active on steemit to increase my rewards and therefore my return.

I suppose my main question is, would this initial investment of about $1000 be enough to see any reasonable increase in my curation rewards. Would appreciate any feedback or thoughts?

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