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Dear Fellow Bloggers, I just want to share my experienced about hearing this steemit thing. It was October 24, 2017 examination day when I heard the word STEEM OR STEEMIT. After the exam I did some researched stuff just to satisfy my curiosity ( thanks to our proctor who explained steem). At first I was confused about the spelling and I thought it was Stem or Esteem or whatever. But when I watched videos on youtube, there were hundreds of bloggers who blogged about steem or steemit. Most of them talked about cryptocurrency or when you post something you earned or got paid . October 28, I went to the official site of Steem and then I signed up my account. It was so hard to find a signal in our country #TurtleNet.One of my classmates said that it will take 7 days to approved your account. But after the registration exactly at 7:00 PM the steemit team sent me an email that tells that my account was approved and ready to be use. I thought that I will wait more days for the approval but he was wrong. Steemit is much different from other networking site. You post and share you get paid, your account is much secured due to the confusive password ( I took 5 minuted to typed it). It was nice sharing my Steemit experience with you and now share yours.


You will find out that to be paid a few cents you need to either work super hard or somehow to come up with content that is super popular. And do it consistently. So if you expect to be "paid for your time" it's a lot more efficient to work anywhere for the lowest wage which on average would give an average user a lot more financial reward.

But the actual reason why I took a moment to reply to you is because I noticed you said that you were typing the password for 5 minutes.

It would save you time and effort while keeping you more safe and secure if you start using some password manager.

A very good and trusted one for example is KeePass. It's free, open source. Make sure that you use a key file in addition to your master password.

Then you will never need to ever type your passwords again and also you will never leave your passwords exposed in a plain text file

Hope it helps.

Good luck.

Thanks for the Advice and you know I just changed my password coz i didn't copied it to my phone and now i don't find it too hard to type my password everytime i log in.

Hello Charles. Thanks for joining Steemit. Earning is not a walk in the park here in Steemit and so is anywhere else. Your hard work, persistence, and consistency is required throughout your endless journey here in Steemit. Always be original, creating your own content, and always improving on your next post. Then success will be at your arm's length. God bless!

keep blogging
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Yah, thanks for the Bro...

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