SteemitBoard World Cup Contest - France vs Belgium

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It's time to make your bet on the outcome of the match

The World Cup match between France and Belgium will start in less than 24 hours.

The prize pool is currently 1750 SBD

If you missed the announcement, please read it before participating in this contest.

How to cast your bet for this match?
Upvote ONE of the comments made by @steemitboard under this post.


Will France win?
UPVOTE the comment "FRA - France wins".
Will Belgium win?
UPVOTE the comment "BEL - Belgium wins".
The result for this phase is the final result, including additional time and process of penalty kicks if any.

Your upvote must be done BEFORE 2018-07-10 18:00 UTC to be valid!

All bets made via comments/replies will be ignored!
Contest Global Rules - A quick reminder
Do not forget to register the contest by sending 0.010 SBD or 0.010 STEEM to @steemitboardpool with "worldcup2018" in the memo. This is a one time registration.

You can join the contest at any time, but the sooner you get in, the more chances you have to win the 1st prize.

Only one vote will be taken into account. If you remove your vote and/or vote for another result, you will be disqualified for this match. Think twice before voting for your result!

Votes cast after the scheduled start time of the match will be rejected. Be careful, all times mentioned in this contest will be UTC based!


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