2 Cool Steemit Apps

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2 Helpful Apps That Every Steemer Should Have


An app that updates in real time showing you stats such as your voting power, the recent upvotes you received, pending rewards and more! Keep this open all day and easily view your stats at any moment you choose. All that is required is your username.



An app which shows you your pending rewards for the next week so that you can quickly see the amount you have earned from blog posts and comments. All you need to do is enter your username.



I appreciate steem.supply, haven't known about it. Thank you so much.

Very helpful :) thank you for posting this

COOL! I had no idea these two apps existed. That being said, this does not help my app addiction at all. LOL I gave up on intervention. Now I'm saving for more equipment. hahahaa

@capitalpink thanks for sharing, I'm following you for great advice

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