1000 Followers milestone ! - with sarcasm warning

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Any true steemian has like a graduation thingy/ major event/ life changing moment when they pass 1000 followers. So in true "look mom ... I passed the 1000 bots.... I mean attentive followers mark" , I'm going to celebrate by inflating my ego and hoping that the few people reading this will have pity on this sorry excuse of a blogger and bestow upon thee their mighty upvotes.... or not. Preferably the former if you ask me.


All of this would not have been possible without my loyal band of bots who all hit follow at the same time for some reason.


On a more serious note: the people who pressed that follow button and actually read a word or two from time to time; rare as they are, they really do deserve all the praise.

And this wouldn't be complete without a huge thank you to my mentors who I think know by now that they had a huge impact in my motivation to stick with steemit, which in turned allowed me to meet some really cool people here.

I think that about wraps it up for now, see you at the 5000 follower mark. Who knows, maybe by then the bots will be able to tell us why they are so keen on following this humble nearsighted dude.


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My name is Adrian a.k.a "The nearsighted traveler". I'm an outdoors enthusiast who loves to discover new places. I write mostly about my travels, the history of the places I explore and my running adventures.
If you want a good laugh you can visit my other account @cmmemes where I fail at being funny but persevere anyway :)


Can you imagine throwing a party and inviting our followers to come, eat, drink and drive? Apart from me, you and a bunch of nice people, we would have a lot of robots dancing and having electronic sex behind the sofa. You would be like in Kusturica movie but only with robots: toasting by smashing the glasses, drinking up until their circuits would fry, glitching all over the place and bip-bop-ing loudly. When you reach the 5000 milestone and I will be at 1000, I guess we should invite them all in Victoriei Square and have some extra-protesters. I guess if they can use drones to govern, we could use drones to protest :))

electronic sex :))) Extra protesters would be useful though. Thanks for dropping by :)

Even with all those bots hurrying to "follow" me right after I've pushed the "Publish" button I'm not at 1000 followers yet. Hence you must be doing something right. Charming those bots like a snake charmer ...

But now for the "bad" news - there's a GitHub "issue" in progress whereby steem is going to remove its delegation from the spammy bots. So "valaz", "larison" "habiban" and all the others are suddenly going to plunge from 15 SP to 0.1 SP ... Don't know what impact that will have on our cohort of botty followers ...

I'd rather have 100 real followers that read a few words from time to time and have interaction in the comment section, than 1000 followers that consist 90% of bots or inactive accounts, so I'm very excited about this change. Thank you for dropping by and taking the time to add your own funny remarks :)

you're very welcome :-)

You have been selected for an upvote by @lishu bot!

That's my favorite bot :)

Reaching the 1000 followers goal should be a happy moment but not when there are many spammers bots lol. Congratulations anyway! :)

Multam de vizita si de vorbele de duh :)

Dear @calatorulmiop ! Congratulations for this "psychological" milestone which is indeed very important!
You are right, every day I have more and more useless followers... It is becoming crazy!

p.s. @isotonic will upvote you on behalf of me soon (a real Bot) as a present.

Thanks man, really appreciate the kind words and tanking the time to drop a comment :)

Nice post! :P

Thanks for sharing :))))

Nice 👍🏻 Congratulations 🎊🎉

Congratulations @calatorulmiop on reaching 1024 followers in only 290 days!

I wish you continued success!

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I have followed and upvoted you.