I've stopped self-voting altogether, who wants to join me?

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I've been successful in self-voting for exactly $0 (on both posts+comments) for almost 2 weeks now. I will keep doing that for the foreseeable future.

My vision as content creator

As a content creator, i personally don't feel the need to do it. From now on i'm relying on my followers to curate my work with upvotes, resteems or otherwise promoting it (bots, steemit.chat/discord or directly promoting the post with SBD for example).

My vision as curator

As a curator that doesn't create content it would be a totally different story. Let's be honest, i would probably farm the shit out of my comments then. But for me personally it's about how much money i have. If my basic needs are covered, i have no problem giving the rest to others.

Join the movement

We need to get this group larger. So, who else wants to join me? Maybe you @jerrybanfield? :)

Don't forget to follow, resteem and browse my channel for more information!


resteemed but I'm not sure I will be so lenient. I kind of lack that caring following and I haven't made even 2 cents for most of my comments, so I guess nobody values my inputs :D

It's a good initiative ;)

Yup, I'm with you! I already vote way too much on others if I'm not careful, I'm not wasting my voting Power on myself if others can use it more. Let the rest of steemit decide if my content is worth upvoting too :)

I approve your willingness to stop self voting. I will definitely follow up with you.
Keep on steemit

I see what your saying and wouldn't disagree but there are a lot of people on Steemit who have probably invested a lot of money in Steemit and would like to see a return? Good post cheers mike

They will see a return. In fact they will see a bigger return when they don't upvote a single cent on themselves.

At the very minimum they will get about 1% interest on their STEEM POWER + curation rewards. Everything you self-vote on top of that is just greed. Just holding STEEM POWER already gives you better interest than some (or most?) banks give. When you include curation rewards, you can easily make 10% a year, which is absolutely insane.

Fair enough, by the way I like to share the wealth haven't got a lot to share but I always try to upvote posts I read and probably more so when people comment, thanks for your reply cheers mike

I am clean (of self-votes) since one month :3.

Imo a vote is something you give to other people, not to yourself. Again I would actually be for forking selfvotes out. We have enough etiquette new users dont know about already. And there is really no big benefit to self-voting or am I overlooking something?

Unfortunately the benefit is you will make a shitload of money compared to voting on others. At least 10 times more. It comes with a cost though, self-votes contribute nothing to the platform so in the end you'll only hurt yourself. Self-voting is a short-term play, it only works until it blows up and then we're all screwed, not only the self-voters.

100% agree!
Actually I wonder why self voting is possible. I suppose the creators of Steemit rules are very intelligent, because the system is very complicated and still works well. So I further suppose that implementing the possibilty of selfvoting was not a mistake but one more weight on the power-side of whales, it is an instrument to help the rich to increase return of invest... To make it even clearer: This amount of money pretends to be a fair part of a System rewarding good content, while instead it is a form of interest profit. If you mention these thoughts, the winners of that system will tell you to concentrate on good content... because one day in future you could make it because of the quality of your content (don`t look at what other do with "their" money) ... like I was reading in the first comment of your very interesting post https://steemit.com/steemit/@calamus056/self-voting-user-list-since-hf19-part-3-potential-comment-abuse

Stopped self-voting? And ... as a substitute for that started smoking again? ... 😎

I think you have made a great decision! Let us know the results :D

Commendable. I up-vote most of my blogs, but not the comments. Sometimes they take 10 minutes to write, sometimes a few hours. I feel 10 cents is a ok for the effort put in. I also up-vote a shed load of posts and most of the comments in my blogs, so my conscience is fairly clear.

I stopped self voting a few weeks ago. Now I just let the post and comments stand on their own.

I actually upvote my posts only, not the comments. Will join you once I become a Dolphin :P

I don't always upvote my content but if it needs upvoting I do upvote it.

Yup, I gave up this practice a couple weeks ago myself. Sign me up!

There is a lot of pushback against those who upvote themselves, I think everyone has there own circumstances which help them decide on this.
I am beginning to think it may be better not to upvote myself on the occasion I do. More thought on this I need I think.
upvote & reteem

Yeah, I'm just a noob on the rise, but I don't do that either...peace