1000 follower giveaway!

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My first major SteemIt goal is a fact people! The next goal is 60 reputation! As a thank you for reaching 1000 followers there will be a giveaway:


  • 100% of the SBD reward of this post will be the prize pool
  • I will use a RNG to pick 3 random winners
  • 50% of the prize pool goes to 1st place, 30% to the 2nd place and 20% to 3rd place
  • Only upvoters of this post who have followed me for at least 1 week at the start of this giveaway are eligible
  • Results will be posted in 7 days

Don't forget to follow, resteem and browse my channel for more information!


Congratulations @calamus056 the follower hustle is real

Congratulations @calamus056

Congrats on reaching 1,000 followers @calamus056 :)

Congratualions on reaching this milestone!

A great milestone! Congratulations! I am stoked about getting to 100 soon!!!

yeah nice! been following you for quite some time!

Congrats. I love watching my fellow steemians grow together. Maybe we will all be whales one day.

Maybe, just maybe :)

Congratulations @calamus056.
You really deserve it. Your content is great.
I am new here and your posts really helped me.
I wish you the best for the future and looking forward for new content :)

Congratulations @calamus056 , doing great-keep it up.

wow very good. goodluck

The follower hustle is real! congrats!

Very nice so glad for you.

@calamus056. Congrats and that's really good to know. Your blogs content quality are quite high and it feels good to see you scaling greater heights.

I will also upvote and add to the author reward pool before the 30 min. curation time kicks in 😊.

I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts. You are an emerging star. Keep it up 👍

Thank you very much!

Congratulations @calamus056! Wishing you to reach your desired reputation level soon!
But your current rep figure of 56 is pegged with your username 056 and it looks nice to me. 😉

lol didn't even realize that, too bad it's at 56.9 and it's almost over ;)

Awesome! I love a good contest. Happy you reached your 1000 milestone and hope you get your 60 Rep soon. Best wishes to you!

Getting 60 rep is hard with the current system. Everything is based on money and since the top 2% owns something like 93% of the money, it's really hard.

congratulation and keep up the good work

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS~!! Glad i started to follow you. Will find time to read your previous posts!

6 days ago in your post https://steemit.com/life/@calamus056/my-daily-steemit-adventures-21-voting-slider-milestone-and-next-goals I commented that you were almost near the 1000 followers which was one of your goals. And here we are 6 days into the future. You did it man congrats :)

Good job and good promotion. Will help Steemit community. Congrats to your achievement. One of many more , I'm sure.

Your blog proved very useful to me. Keep it up. Thank you.

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