Mr. Butt Plug @Berniesanders his AutoVote Bots & The Cult of Steemit Users

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I'm not very smart. @berniesanders told me so himself.

I admit I could be WRONG, but what Took away from a few Videos I saw other Steemit Authors Post is this-

@berniesanders is every bit as CRAZY / Psychotic as Jerry banefield was jerry made that nude video of himself in the bathroom.

@berniesanders has ZERO ZERO ZERO ZILTCH NADA ABSOLUTELY NO CLASS or Human Decency What So Ever.

@berniesanders favorite sayings that he utters endlessly are- "flat Earther, Pizzagate was not real, whore, bitch, cunt, suck a dick, shit, shit, shit, racist, retard" And that's it that's like 90% of the words this man utter out of his mouth.

Interesting that @berniesanders claims to be Protecting Steemit from Racists when @berniesanders is the one who spammed Haejin Lee with this-

those kimjongpoo pages & images of a naked asian man on the toilette Haejin was spammed with last year- all came from @berniesanders. That was RACIST! But now @berniesanders claims he is PROTECTING STEEMIT from way way waysits Racists

basically what I learned or have mistaken is this

1- Whales are Committing what is called REWARD POOL RAPE by collecting Big Payouts on Steemit.

2- A number of WHALES on Steemit are Committing Double RAPE of the Rewards Pool & of Gaining Steem Power- by creating an Army of BOTS- they use those BOTS to UPVOTE their own posts- increasing the Whales Curation Rewards & Steem Power Both!

3- Those Whales That HAVE BOT & Are the Creators of the BOTS are committing a THIRD- Triple FUCK OVER/ RAPE GANG BANG on The Steemit Platform- by COLLECTING FEES from the other lowly peons on Steemit - that pay bids to those bots.

4- the few people on steemit who make a few $ from paying the bots to upvote them- are what is called this-

the whales & said creators of the bots- throwing a little bit of CHUMP CHANGE your way- SHMUKS- in an incentive for you- the steemit author they are triple ass raping - to continue paying fee to the bots- thus making the whale & creator of the bot RICH.

Some Whales are using the Bots to take anywhere form $1,000 to $3,000 PERDAY EVERYDAY in REWARDS off The Steemit Platform. Converting into OTHER CRYPTO like Bitcoin & Litecoin & Moving that to a Big Crytpo Exchange like Poloniex- or their Own Crypto Wallets- before also turning it into cash to cash out.

A number of these WHALES are Regular Real World People who happen to have CODING Skills & the foresight to Game the system for maximum Reward for Themselves. BUT and this is a BIG BUT- if you do not think that a NUMBER of those WHALES are not low on the TOTEM POLE DEEP STATE / BIG BROTHER OPERATIVES left over from Steemit's original creation by Dan Larimer & his deep state military contractor big brother backers - then you are MISTAKEN. GRAVELY MISTAKEN

If you think I am connecting DOTS that do not exist. Do the math. $1,000 day = $30,000 a month - $300,000 to $365,000 a year. $3,000 a day would be $90,000 a month.

None of that counts the fees steemit users are paying to the bots.

Steemit is BIG BUSINESS for some people. Some of those people MAY DESERVE THAT $ they have found a way to make. That I am not disputing. Nor am I jealous of any CODER that has found a way to profit from using Steemit. That is simply a man/woman who is successful with their SKILL SET.

The Deep state Big brother types are HARVESTING all the info they can off Facebook and Twitter. You don't think they are doing the same thing here on STEEMIT? There are a LOT of MINIONS in the Big Brother Corporate/ Deep State system, you don't think that is a LOT of those MINIONS that ALL ANT A BIG CUT of their PAYDAY $$$$ PRIZE WINNING TOO? Plus you have to have people on all SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS- to steer the NARRATIVES & Social Programming Political Correctness the Big Brother System Wants. You accomplish all that with Deep State Big Brother minions that the CONTROLLERS leave behind on STEEMIT.

which is exactly what I thought last year- when the I noticed the use of the BOTS becoming increasingly taking over the TRENDING PAGE. That is when the Trending page really started to like shit with shit posts. I assumed then, that THOSE WHO WERE MAKING THOSE BOTS- were going to be the ones To MAKE BANK on steemit.

I also instantly acknowledged to myself that i have ZERO techie skills & zero programing I knew then & there I would never see one die from Steemit.

But I continued to make posts anyway- as I found letting all my shot out there- ESPECIALLY ANONYMOUSLY was very FREEING. Since I have kept everything about myself to myself, my entire life. I've been the one who hears everyone's life stories & problems & is asked by others to help them clean up their shit & get back on their feet again- while in the REAL WORLD- every issue I have- I have kept to myself.

However now after 1 1/2 years- it's tie for me to GROW THE FUCK UP some More MYSELF. Any personal shit I have left to deal with can just be thrown in the Trash can. I am not going to let myself tun into one of those formerly SUCCESSFUL People - who gets STUCK at a BAD PHASE in their life by going over & rehashing all their old shit over & over again.

Also what I took away from these videos & posts I've seen others make on steemit- about the Steemit platform itself- is this-

Too many people on Steemit are like "The Cult of Steemit Followers & The Cult of Steemit Kool Aid Drinkers."

I am not saying ALL PEOPLE om steemit are like this. BUT A LOT of them are.

Get a fucking grip- it's not the real world its just a social media platform. AHHH but since the Leaders of the world & Globalists have utterly DECIMATED the Job market & people's ability to earn a living- so many are forced to use Steemit for some paltry steem $ to live on. Also by paying you little rewards in crypto- the Leaders Of the World have CULTIVATED a Whole group of people on Steemit to become Comfortable with Crypto & using it. Which is also part of their plan- towards the CASHLESS ELECTRONIC CRYPTO Money Slave System- they want to MOVE society into.

What better way- than to get the sleepwalking public to ADOPT it themselves of their own free will- than for the Government to ENFORCE IT ON YOU.

So I could be wrong but from that last video I resteemed- is that lady saying the BEST WAY TO INCREASE THE REWARD POOL & Payouts for the peons on Steemit- is to

Flag Whales all day long.
Stop using Bots- thereby Starving the Bit Creators of Fees- and to just upvote each other- when we find a post we like.

She also mentioned about users leaving Steem & jumping on board new platforms.

Does that mean IF you WANT TO MAKE $ By Posting BULLSHIT on Social Media- The Best way for those who don't write code fr their own bots- is to be among the very first users of that new platform? and to put out BLAND NON Controversial BULLSHIT to garner as big a following as possible.

Just Take everything you learned here on Steemit & go Jump Ship onto as many BRAND NEW platforms as you can handle & establish your own whale presence there?

Or stick it out here on Steemit like a little peon with your little follower base & the the Steemit Cult KOOL AID Drinkers.

For the record I do not think of anyone in real life or on steemit as a PEON. For the Record I have no intention of Moving over to another social media platform. I do not make these statement to demean or belittle anyone who enjoys making posts on steemit. Nor do make these statement to demean or begrudge anyone who has uses steemit as an income source- whether that Steemit income is $1 to $100 or $100,00.

What I am doing is taking broader & different LOOK or Viewpoint about what may really be going on with Steemit & what Steemit Users & I MYSELF as a STEEMIT user are really involving ourselves with.

Could Steemit be used as a FAKE Narrative to HERALD some of the CATTLE/ Masses of Humanity- into by the CONTROLLERS of the World for THEIR purposes- while we are mislead into thinking this is some sort of PEOPLE'S Grass Roots Platform Different from all the rest- where we on Steemit are a COMMUNITY & by being here & exchanging ideas on the Internet- we are somehow going to accomplish something better in our lives- or CHANGE our Communities for the Better?

Besides @berniesanders, I suspect @bloom & @anarchyhasnogods as well are in control of some bots as well. When it comes to @anarchyhasnogods, who some have identified as @bloom- it is as if that creature is not even a real person. But some souless entity created by the Ghost of Karl Marx & the Frankfurt School to sit on Steemit & pump out the most bizarre & surrealist Detached from all reality Insane Non-sense I've ever come across. Which by the way is exactly the way some Deep state Big Brother Operative would act.

I encourage any reader to click over to @anarchyhasnogods & do a quick scan of those posts. Tell me what YOU THINK. For I can't come up with anything to describe other than PURE INSANITY. And OI take Note that I found the # Information war people had been upvoting some of those posts. Which re-assures me that TAKING AWAY the steem I had Delegated to informationwar- was the RIGHT THING for me TO DO. I am not saying Everyone at Information is involved in that or supports that. But somethere on the curation team for information war does.


Many people should be as open minded as you. Their collectivism will surely fail. Just keep stacking. Combining 3d with the cyber warfare will kick the @informationwar into high gear waking people up. Only their views are correct according to them. There is a reason their founder moved on and look at the controls on EOS. I tried using the social media app on that chain. It is very authoritarian.

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Honestly I only come to Steemit anymore for your posts. The rest of this platform is nonsense and will be over soon. Bernie and bloom can circle jerk this dying platform all they want. Have at it.

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