Witnesses (active or applying) who directly support bidbots with their delegations.

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The list below shows the witnesses that are either in the top 20 or are in the running and hoping to get more votes so they can be in the top 20. Each of these witnesses or potential witnesses support the following bots via their delegations.

This report is provided to provide transparency on the network, and as such is information only, use it as you see fit.

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You have the power to make a difference by voting for witnesses that share your concepts for a great platform.

Please do a little research and vote!


I will be doing another report here shortly showing only the top 50 witnesses who do not delegate to bidbots.

Please help support this information stream by upvoting this post if you found it informative.




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thanks for reports like this that provide transparency to this platform.



We have to at least try.

I'm not a witness. I've tried it, but it is disabled now


Interesting. I need to revise this query. You showed up on the list because you still have a single vote.
Thanks for pointing this out.


Thank you.
My witness will not receive a new block, because it is inactive.

Sorry, I don't know how to totally remove it.

  ·  last year (edited)

I have corrected the query and edited the post. Thanks again for reaching out to me.

Is jerrybanfield missing in the list because he did not delegate but he is the bot himself?


He is not a large delegator to any other bot.

Yes, he runs a bot, but he would be in the list if he delegated to a bot.

These are his delegations.

I Send you my Support for gathering the data on Such Amazing Stats! 👍⭐✨

As a relatively new Steemian, it's a long and slow learning curve, but I find the entire world of bots to be confusing and in many ways, antithetical (is that a real word?) to the creation of valuable content. Maybe I'm missing something, but when I see "Trending Posts" with 287 Votes and 6 Views, it just seems strange. Thanks for sharing


Yes, the bid bots do strain the ethical standings for the platform.

The huge number of bids on posts is often due to to resteemers that then vote with 50+ low value accounts.

Don't forget that @blocktrades delegations are bought delegations via blocktrades.us

  ·  last year (edited)

That is true, yet there is no way to determine the purchased vs voluntary delegations. This one is harder to put a direct number on, but certainly belongs on this list just the same.

BTW: I was invited to chat with you on discord and have not heard back from you.

@bycoleman Brother, hope you remember that I won't use one anyone. I don't mention the bot name here. They just cheated me. Showed me $38 voting value but just vote me $10. feeling fed up. :( I love you brother. You are more than my elder brother.


Yes, we know that bidbots can get away with a lot and there is very little we can do about it. Best to just avoid using them if possible.

Thank you for the kind words, be blessed.