How BuddyUP fuels your Steemit journey

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We focus on encouraging unique and promising content creators at the stages which will fuel a significant boost in their momentum, while also providing the haven for them to express their vision with other like-minded people.

       We've been quietly swimming around the shallow depths of the Steem ocean for many months now, forming our core team, understanding what we're here to provide, slowly building our foundation for the years ahead.

With over five months of evolving and streamlining our approach, we still continue to build confidence and the understanding which allows us to dive deeper into the depths of Steem. This post is the benchmark for our community which will provide information about our structure as we move forward on the Steem journey together.

       The quickest way for you to learn about BuddyUP is to visit our blog. You are sure to find like-minded individuals to interact with and follow. Dive into the various features we publish throughout the week and find your niche.

       Every Monday our members gather in our discord server to discuss and share their perspective on the weekly topic of the Drop in the Ocean show.

Once the show comes to a close and everyone has finished presenting, all of the posts are added to our voting channel where members vote on their favourite. Votes are counted on Wednesday and our top two weekly winners are featured for their fantastic work in our shows post (the runners-up are not forgotten about either!).

       Our weekly edition of Hook 'Em Up is published every Friday, encouragement guaranteed for our amazing community members. In this post, three of our BuddyUP members will be featured with a focus on some of their recent content.

source - photo by kyle loftus

We feature the members for their quality contributions to the community while also bringing a more personal feeling to the curation effort.

       The newest addition to the content lineup takes a more focused look at the various topics we have here on the Steem blockchain.

We are going to have a set-cycle every month for our F3 posts where we visit a different topic each week. The introduction to the initiative started with art. Other topics will include photography, technology, fiction, music, poetry, science and crypto.

       To stay in-line with our goal of providing encouragement to maintain steam (no pun intended), we have decided to introduce a post which will further explore the content created by the members featured in F3.

Our plan is to feature the content created by these members after their inaugural mention in the F3 post. Providing that extra boost in momentum to creators who are continuing to publish unique and quality content after their initial feature.

       As well as having various features for you to visit on our blog, you can also take part in different activities in our Discord server.

The channels within our server help us to find and encourage the promising talents within our community, as well as those outside of our waters.

       We have always wanted to avoid giving our members the permission to self-promote from the very beginning. This isn't because you don't have great content. It's because we want to know that you're eager to get involved with our community because you want to support others while also being supported yourself.

source - photo by lefty kasdaglis

Every one of us are curators, whether it's a friend's post, an influential figure you appreciate, or a newcomer to the platform in whom you see the potential.

       Once you become engaged with the community, you'll soon find yourself in a role which provides self-promotion.

This is your spot to show us what type of content creator you are. Are you the member who drops by too many servers and throws out your posts without any introduction? Are you the member who tries to engage at every opportunity? It's really up to you.

       Some members find it difficult to engage in general chat conversations and they can often feel left out and distant from the community.

This channel provides you with an option to pair up with another member in our community so you can reach out and interact with someone you may have never have bumped into.

       This is a new idea for the server which will be managed by a few different members who've been given permissions.

The aim is to create a stream of interesting and valuable videos for our members to view and learn from. This isn't exclusive to YouTube or any other video providing sites either, it can be your content.

       From the very beginning we have always been open to change and new ideas, this is something we will continue to explore moving forward in order to remain aware of our value to the Steem community.

source - photo by bryan minear

Our current goal is to create daily content of quality and value for members both inside and outside of BuddyUP. The ideas below are going to be implemented to reach this standard. You can find updates of our progress within the Discord server.

       Our members create fantastic content, take part in brilliant projects, and support many people across the platform with their initiatives and actions every day. We want to remember this for years to come on the blockchain. Our answer is the BuddyUP timeline.

       In a recent show of ours, one of our members brought an idea to the table which involves quality engagement every week centred around a featured member within the community.

We have some interesting plans for this one, it'll be appearing within the community very soon.

       From time to time you stumble onto somebody new on the platform who shows a great deal of promise. Our #fresh-finds channel, available in our Discord for our Gourami members, allows members to share new budding creators with all of our community.

Every week we'll be showcasing the talent within the Fresh Finds post for all the platform to see.

       Discords can become cluttered with so many brilliant pieces of content which never see the light of day. Since we focus first on having our members curate others, we wanted to have a way to show the brilliant posts of value that our members have found while sailing the seas of Steemit.

The answer... a BuddyUP resteem account. This won't be a paid service, it won't be spam, and it won't be low quality. It'll be a timeline of fantastic content found by the members of the BuddyUP community.

       We're in uncharted depths, and as our community grows we will find our way together with strength in numbers. With these experiences as a community we can help more people, and even other communities, so we all grow together.

As a member, you will help us chart these depths by giving your feedback and assistance in not only the tasks mentioned above but the ones we have not even come to discover.

       If you haven't already gathered, our main theme is the ocean/water and what inhabits it. Something we attempt to stick with as much as possible. Our roles are no different as they are all named after various fish of the sea.

source - photo by matteo vistocco

Within our server, the roles have a progression so that our members can move upward to unlock new opportunities as they grow here on the platform. There are two points we'd like to say before we go any further.

  1. Roles are about responsibility to the community.

  2. Everyone has the potential for every role.

       The initial roles to work through are there to prove your intent for engaging within the community. Once you've found your place in the community and shown your desire to encourage and learn, the next step becomes available...

       Quality content and encouragement at the right time is what we're about, so you'll be pleased to know that this very cool fish named role will be assigned to you when you understand that.

Not only does this role provide certain new features, it also opens up an opportunity for you to take your passion for content to the next step.

       Two types of people working in synergy to provide content for the rest of the community. The two roles have access to the BuddyUP workbench which lays out all of the features, templates, images, and all that other good stuff which brings together the content that we provide.

Every member has the opportunity to become a part of the team, the application process opens for you when you become a Gourami.

       These guys are the eyes of the team. Our finders and curators of the brilliant content we have across the Steem blockchain.

       When you have eyes, it's helpful to have hands! The Catfish are our writers for the content we provide on the community account.

       We have arrived at the final segment of our jam-packed post where we have laid out all the information you need to jump into our waters. There has been a lot to read here, so questions are an inevitability if you're stumbling upon us for the first time.

These can be asked and answered over at our Discord server, which you can find by visiting our SafeLink.

source - photo by mario purisic

       We'd also just like to point out that BuddyUP would not be the community it is without huge amounts of support and insight from the many members and communities who've been involved in our growth so far. There will be a post to follow which will show you exactly who has been involved in the creation of our wonderful community.

It's been an incredible journey so far and we can only imagine it's going to get a lot more interesting as we find more promising individuals looking to reach their full potential within BuddyUP.

If you're here to stay, you'll need to know the motto...

We all grow together

Thank you for reading, this has been...
@calumam | @penderis | @monchhichi23 | @tamala

All headers are credited in this reference post.


How I love this family. My first family on Steemit. I'm so proud of you all! @calumam @penderis @monchhichi23 @tamala - you did an incredible job (and beautiful formatting!!!!) expressing the heart, purpose and future of our home. Cal, thank you for always pushing us slowly forward! we love growing together, and we love growing steady and slow. Our foundation will be stable and sure because of it! <3

It's amazing how far we've come in such a short time, especially with just making slow steady waves. It wouldn't be possible without all the support and motivation from yourself and all the gang.

I'm so proud of everyone who is continuing to improve and push themselves forward :D

Cheers to this new family!..

I find it exciting that you develop so many iniatives for us to blend in. I love the idea that you believe in everyone's potential. That everyone has a fair share of the lime light. Everyone has the equal opportunity to come out of our comfort zone and shine through. Hope that I wont fail you.. hahaha.. i think i will be having the best times here. Thank you. 😍

PS.. i love the motto too!

It's great to have you along on the journey with us! We all have the opportunity to do great things and we just want to help encourage people along the way to keep them going :)

You won't fail us! You're leaving brilliant comments on posts, you're half-way there on your own already!

Thank you.. i have excellent mentors who kept guiding me and checking me out. It has been a great week for me.

Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you.. i have excellent mentors who kept guiding me and checking me out. It has been a great week for me.

Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you.. i have excellent mentors who kept guiding me and checking me out. It has been a great week for me.

Posted using Partiko Android

Great work... well laid out and informative post. Been really enjoying participating in Drop in the Ocean the last few weeks.

I'm glad you liked it. It's been a pleasure having you take part in Drop in the Ocean and I'm looking forward to seeing what you have to share with us tomorrow.

Thank you for the feature in the Steemit Ramble curation as well, the team put a lot of effort into that and it's great to see that it has been recognised and showcased.

Hi @buddyup, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads and I included it in my Steemit Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.

Join us on Thursdays for Pimp Your Post Thursday at 11am EDT or 7PM EDT in the Steemit Ramble Discord or:

If you’d like to nominate someone’s post just visit the Steemit Ramble Discord. If I use the post, you earn a portion of the rewards.

Pimp Your Post Thursday is a live curation show where you get to know others and they you. You can promote your post or the post of someone you think needs more notice.

I'm so excited to have found you and to have joined Buddy Up this week. This is a brilliant post, which sets out exactly what you're all about and planning to grow into as we move into the next months and years. Exciting stuff and so grateful to be able to be a part of it.

E x

We're very happy to have you along for the ride with us! The support and continued motivation from everyone really makes this a breeze.

It's a pleasure to have another top quality creator like yourself on board with what we're about!

What a lovely thing to say! I'm still getting into my stride a bit, keeping on top of everything and figuring out what happens when, but I'm hoping things calm down this end as the year goes on and I'll be able to engage more with the group.
E x

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This really seems to be a good new swim in the big steemit ocean. I'd be happy to swim along.

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