'Around the Block' Show Recording with guest @andrarchy of Steemit Inc. - Episode 2

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Around the Block Show Recording

This is a recording of episode 2 of Around the Block ! On this episode we have a Steemit Inc’s Head of Communications, @andrarchy. This episode of Around the Block aired on July 24th, 2019.

andrarchy with Logo.jpeg

If you are not sure who this @andrarchy guy is, here are a few details. He has been part of the Steemit Inc. team since 2016. He started out with Steemit Inc. as Content Director and his current role is Head of Communications.

Here is the show!!

Around the Block is hosted the bare-knuckled truth-speaker @jedigeiss and the effervescent beaver-keeper @buckydurddle.

Each week Jedi and Bucky will interview a new member of the Steemit Inc. team. Team members will provide us with an intimate insider’s view the blockchain, current events and plans for the future. Episode 2 will not disappoint as @andrarchy will surely take us deep inside our beloved blockchain for a glimpse at what's in store.


Listen to the show

Around the Block airs Wednesdays at 7-8PM UTC on the PAL Discord, but there are multiple ways you can check out the show.

  • You can listen to Around the Block on the PAL discord - Listen here

  • For a better listening experience you can tune into to MSPwaves.com - Listen here.

Interact with the guests

Around the Block is an interactive show. So join into the PAL Discord audience text chat to add to the discussion, ask questions or just keep on top of the community chit-chat.
Text Chat Here

See you at the show!!

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Lot of good stuff in there, thank you. It sounds like communities and SMTs will be the game changer. Will there be advertising/promotion paid for when these eventually launch? People need to know about them for them to come and use them.

Good question @jondoe. It sounds to me like Steemit Inc. are serious about the advocacy. There would be great value in having a solid plan for getting the word out on both those initiatives when the time is right. Perhaps @andrarchy can wade in on that question.

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This interview was fire, well done Andrew! Thanks Jedi & Bucky for hosting this.

Nice bro

thanks guys, enjoyed listening in.

Wow, 72 viewes rewarded with 25 $. Great job! :D

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A valuable information and a very interesting radio show!


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I'm not so sure about on boarding process... It won't be easy, that's for sure... I mean, we really need to find a way where we can easily create accounts... Who want's to wait 7 days to have acc?

You can buy an account for 5 steem, which is $1. And if you do that, you don't need to provide neither email of phone number as far as I concerned.

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well, this is practically possible but what I am concerned about: in a world where there are laws and regulations and centralized-minded maniacs... Is this compliant with SEC Regulations? Steemit Inc. is a US-based company, so is Steem-Engine (or whatever their name is, do they even have an Impressum?) I guess? They provide a payment service (you can exchange money) and without matching KYC,anti-money-laundering and anti-"terror" regulations you are a dead man. ... I mean not us (we have a right for privacy) but them, from an investors perspective

It's about the principle, some people are like that. Is not that 1$ is something (it can be in some countries)... but if you know you can get it for free, you'll try to get it for free. People are like that. :)

They're planning to do "light account" or something like that to speed up the onboarding process. An article was posed a few days ago. Of course, some people are make money out of this, so, there's conflict of interest.

great stuff! :)

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Wow 25$ , 193 votes , wow I hope I also get that much support here

Sure thing, just interview a member of the Steemit team and post the interview here to be picked up by @steemitblog...

@andrarchy 's videos are well explained and really edicative when it comes to steemit. I enjoy listening and I like this new format. I suggest a public Q&A next time. Keep up the good work. <3

nice article

Good Sharing.. thank you Brother
Success is your

One thing that struck me was @andrarchy's point that content creators are inevitably creating their content for whales (large stakeholders).

I'm not sure how I feel about this, but one thing occurs to me, the exact opposite "strategy" is the focus of the "normie" social platforms.

I think that relying on a strategy of catching the attention of at least one whale is a purpose that is somewhat at odds with one that engenders "communities" and pleasing as many content consumers as possible.

Just something that occurred to me, no real criticisms here.

good interview. thanks for sharing))

this is not a interview .
Actually This is her experience and he share to our community -
I am also Thankful @buckydurddle


Amazing to read.