the resteeming is free in steemit, but in the group I am organizing people to resteem each other and we have more than 18000 memebers, we invest in the group to make it much bigger because we are showing there people how to post quality posts, how to not spam, how to grow helping each other, and the group was with 15000 interested into cryptocurrency, I invited a lot of people to steemit from that group and I am guiding them, we have an amazing service and everyone is resteeming others , recently our first client paid 0.1 steem and suddenlly he earned more than 90 steem dollar from the post.

I don't understand the logic behind that! we have all been resteeming each other for a while now. But now because this person paid 0.1 steem to be a part of the group his earnings went to over 90 dollars, why would that be?

because he was noticed by right people, and I resteemed him and up his post many times, to prove that the group is profitble, plus you pay 0.1 and get from me an upvote of more than 0.1 and if I like your post I will resteem it, and more people will resteem it, and I am also working all the day on the group not for free, and I will share the earning with the most active people in the group, let's say that you are active, you pay 0.1 for a post, I will earn 10 from 100 people sending their post, 2.5 will be devided between 10 active people in the group , youeveryone of them will get 0.25 steem, so he invested 0.1 and get 0.25 plus a lot of resteems and some upvotes, isn't that perfect ?

Just not clear on the payment though, do we pay every time we want to post?

yes, do you get resteem and upvote from me and active memebers ? yes ! and it will be always 0.1 but my upvote will grow much more, so it's profitble anyway, imagine that you pay 3 steem dollar per month, is it a lot ? and that 3 steem can return to you too much more in a month, also if I will share the earning each month with active memebers it will be huge money.

I can also make a discount if the person will pay 2 steem or steem dollar per month directly so he can post for all the month without sending me 0.1 everyday, do you know how @qurator ? they take for example 2 steem for registration and I am participating there, and @qurator is upvoting almost everyday with 1 steem dollar, but our deal is resteem not upvote. This is my idea.

take a look at my wallet how much I am investing in the group, just sent 20 steem dollar to get upvotes to promote the group, so I am serious about it. ☺

Great I am not arguing with you just wnat to find out exactly how it works. I would prefer to pay once a month and not every time. Maybe you can include that option somehow?

yes of course, I will add it to the post.

I've added that in the part of discount in the post.

You rub my back, I rub yours

what do you mean ?