has signing up changed with HF20?

in steemit •  7 months ago  (edited)

Is the sign up process different now that HF20 is released? Or does it take a week still to sign up.

Can we sent people over to steemit and have them sign up?

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well, if you are abot to create a new account freely ,it will take upto 2 weeks for the procedure. also, i think they are giving 10 sp now for newly created accounts rather than 15 sp that was given earlier.
meanwhile, if you can buy a starter pack of steemmonster (10$ usd), you will get an instant free steem-account with that! I got a gift of a starter pack and i used it to open a new account instantly. hope my comment has helped you. for more info, you can ask me here friend!

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Nah. HF20 changed nothing. But then, I am not surprised. They said they wanted to keep spam accounts put. Definitely that would not include easy access to accounts.

Left to me, I would open the gate freely. Even YouTube and facebook have spam accounts. What matters is growth and mass adoption

But then, it isn't up to me

It will still take a week/2 weeks to register a free account with steemit.com which can naturally be expedited by paying for an account. Alternatively you can create an account with a dApp like steem monsters which has signed up over 200 non steemians already but naturally with steem monsters you would need to either have bought cards or now created an account and had someone send you cards to play it

The procedure still takes between one to two weeks, friend.

The time for creating a free Steem account is the same.

However, HF20 has created more competition in the field of paid accounts. Now there are more services available for creating accounts, so the price has dropped.

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