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RE: @ned - are we on the verge of a Steemtrain wreck? Answer NO - BUT THERE ARE STILL VALID CONCERNS

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@benjojo thanks for adding that extra pressure on ned and dan.. I have been tracking/ observing all the flagging and downvoting events between ned/dan/officialfuzzy/sweetssz which co-incidentally started after ETH guy Vitalik Buterin raised some concerns over EOS.

No radical reasoning in sight.

P.S. did you observe ned created another account firefire and has transferred ~900,000 steems in it... FIRE FIRE :)


@dan is nothing to do with but I do hope @ned feels the urge to address these concerns directly and promptly. I'm not really concerned with the voting situation though I don't understand why @ned would downvote @officialfuzzy so harshly. I heard that @dan downvoted @sweetssj with only 1%.

Anyway, a serious database architectural design issue trumps voting politics in my book!

Because ned would prefer i leave steem is allll i can assume given my past experiences. As each of his actions piles on i wait...with all of it piling up. know why not? I honestly look forward to seeing the not so obvious attacks i will receive now that ned realizes he cant attack me directly without making himself look bad. So i just hold my ammo and use it when needed.

Question though. If ned offered to double my sp early on as icentive to sell out to him and let him decide what i can and cant talk about, let me ask many people do you think helping him DID sell out? I dont have stats on it but im sure if hes willing to offer it to me, he is offering it to others. And im also relatively certain that if ye offered it to others, they are likely raping the reward pool silently and posting with sockpuppets. Sadly he thought i was ONLY in this for profit (which is laughable considering alll he had to do was like 30 min of research on me to see this is not the case whatsoever. )

Im just sad benjojo that u are one of the ONLY bitshares community members who are talking openly about this after all i do free of charge for them.

Heck dan doesnt upvote me (not that im complaining) but it just goes to sho somehow i get all the downsides of being a "proxy of dan" without any of the benefits. How cool is that??? :D

Excuse my language fuzzy but fuck em. I didn't know anything about ned doing things like that, I have no idea why they would be necessary. What the hell is wrong with him? There are people on here doing everything they can to build and help people with you have shown.....and you have shown. It makes me fucking mad to think that there are short-sighted sellout pieces of shit undermining the genuine efforts of so many. I clearly spend most of my time in a bubble almost completely oblivious to these under currents.

I need to think.

There are no such issues, and as @gtg pointed out above, this is just FUD. Chill with the witch hunt and demands, please.

He also acknowledged that there are problems. Why don't you stop being so aloof and acknowledge that there is not enough information coming from your team?

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