Sustainable Bot! Over 30% Yearly ROI When Delegating To Us! Updated Website, including New ROI Graphs!

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Ola from Brazil,

We have introduced some new features on our website

New Simple Delegation Tool

The first feature is a new Delegate tool making it a lot easier for you, beloved Steemit users, to delegate steem power/vote power to us in exchange for a daily payout. Remember we give out a 100% daily payout , we just take the curation reward.

New ROI Graphs to help our sponsors tracking the return of the bot

To figure out how much money you will get each day by delegating Steem Power to us we have developed a few graphs. The first graph shows ROI (Return on Investment) regarding STEEM Per 1k Delegated to us. The second graph shows Annual Performance Rate (APR) that you would get if you made an investment with us. You can see these graphs here . Also, in the main webpage we have added a bar graph showing the average APR from Feb 9th, 2018 so far. At the time of this post, you can get a 32%+ yearly return delegating to us.

Vote Buyers

If you are a vote buyer you will get an at least 1% return per vote bought from us. This return is at the time of voting. You can get up to 10% return which annualizes very highly. You can use our voting tool at our website main page

We are a sustainable bot that only uses best in class practices to fight spammers and voting misbehavior.

Thank you for reading this post,

BR-UpVoter, April 24th, 2018 at


Hi could you elaborate more on how different you guys are from other bots? That would help out potential users like me into choosing your service over others :) Thanks!

Hi, @hellocrypto. Thanks for your suggestion. We may publish another post about our differential. Anyway, we have talk about those differentials in our website. Please, if you have anytime take a look there Best Regards, @brupvoter Team.

Will consider it if one day I need to invest

Thank you, @wf9877. Be our guest in the future. It would be a pleasure to have new sponsors to our bot.

how can I buy upvotes from you?

I believe buildawhale delegation is also 100% payout. They also have a blacklist to prevent spammers and abusers. What is you plan to prevent spammers from profiting from your services?

Hi, @slider2990. Thank you for reading our post an commenting on it.

There are lots of bid-based voting services bots in the steemit network running right now. And they are very similar in how they work. But some of the bots differs from others in the way they adjust their bot's settings. Besides not voting blacklisted accounts WE are proud to be the developer of the MAX ROI feature of the postpromoter bot code. That feature is now being used by several bots, including the main whale bots. Setting this parameter to 10%, for instance, means we do not give more than 10% of return to the bidder. That means no more abuse on high returns and so the bid-bots are now used to much more to promote a post then just to make a good piece of money. And that happens because half of the author's reward are paid via Steem Power (which is not as liquid as SBD). So, the bidder will never receive back, in a liquid way, the amount (SBD or STEEM) he/she have sent to the bot. And that should be the main goal of the bots: to help people to promote their posts, be known and raise new followers. So, we have being contributing to the development of the bot's code, improving the way it works to avoid abuses.

We hope to have answered your question.

Also, we would be very happy to have you as one of our sponsors, whenever you want. Take a look at our website to check our history returns

Best regards, @brupvoter team.

Thanks for the reply. Interesting developments. I will do some more research.


Hi, @zhanmusi. We have notice that you have been delegating to us several times today. To correctly delegate SP to us, you must increase the Steem Power (SP) in total. For instance, if you have delegated 1000 SP to us and you want to delegate 500 more, you need to put down 1500 in the SP amount to delegate box. Do not just put down 500, or 500 will be subtracted and will become unavailable for you during the next 7 days. You can use our delegation tool and read more about it at our website: Best regards, @brupvoter TEAM.

thanks. Good catch.

You are wellcome! You can also talk with us at our discordapp channel

Fantastic post

i will delegate when i will have 500 sp

Hi, @steemero! It will be a pleasure for us to have you as one of our sponsors. You can use our Steem Power Delegation Tool , if you want, of course.

Best regards,
@brupvoter team.

I used brupvoter. very good voting bot

Thanks @brupvoter. I'm actually looking for a new delegation bot that is competitive to those which I'm using..

Hi, kofibeatz! It would be a pleasure for us to have you as one of our sponsors! Check our website for more information on our ROI.

I might just give it a crack @brupvoter..

Be our guest! If you have any doubts, please contact us.
@brupvoter team.

I used yall services yesterday thank you @brupvoter..

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