1yr On Steemit! Thanks for the awesome times guys.

in steemit •  5 months ago

Well this is officially my one year milestone since I started my Steemit.com account. I never dreamed that it would grow this fast for me but you guys (my loyal blog followers) have been amazing with your support. I didn’t have any social media except YouTube before I found Steemit and my audience was a very small select few who are NFL football fans. I have made videos that were viewed by as many as 40k people and as low as 40 people. Actually I really used to measure my success by how many followers I had on YouTube but, now success is measured by the quality of content and the amount of views or exposure my videos obtain. It’s hard to always come up with new and interesting material for you guys to view because I am an everyday poster here and sometimes you just don’t have anything exciting on deck. I hope you guys continue to enjoy my blog and the style of videos I make. My subjects are all over the map but I like to talk about many different topics and I really like to help teach people how they can have success and stay out in front of the herd. This year has brought me lots of great comments from my subscribers and allowed me to physically meet fellow steemians from all over the world. The community of Cryptocurrency enthusiasts is amazing! So much to learn from so many people. I wanna send a special shoutout to the people who took serious time out of their life to work on some project that included me. Below are a few pencil sketches done by followers of mine....and I even somehow got a game card for a Steemit based game that I still don’t understand! Anyhow, I am thankful that I was the subject of this art and have showed it to many people because it’s pure quality.
Ole “Lefty 3-rings” will be back soon but this picture will never get old to me. The Bitcoin eyes are awesome.
Kung Fu Pheasant Style! 😂😂😂 Classic.
Forever rockin the Colorado Flag here on the “Wes Wes”
Thanks again to everyone who helped make my first year not only a successful one, but also very memorable. I am looking forward to even bigger and better things for Steemit and I’ll do everything I can to continue to promote this awesome platform to others.


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Congratulations on completing your first year here .

Welcome to Steem Community @broncnutz! As a gentle reminder, please keep your master password safe. The best practise is to use your private posting key to login to Steemit when posting; and the private active key for wallet related transactions.

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I am having difficulties accessing the links posted and I am a new to steemit.. Is their a way you could help me towards accessing the link @newsteemains... I would love to join so I could be heard

Congratulations! Hopefully this coming year will be even better for you. Those pics are pretty cool.

🎼🎼 Happy birthday to you , happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you 🎼🎼

Despite all of the difficulties of posting a video everyday, everyday has been a bliss following you. You’re much appreciated for adding value unto this community. Wishing you many more success on this amazing platform. Keep steeming and touching lives

Wow awesome art my dear friend

Congratulations on completing your first year here .

Well great to see you stil going strong broncnutz.

Me alegra tenerte con nosotros, espero que disfutes tus actividades en esta red social.

Congratulations. You are the inspiration for new comer in steemit. Thanks @broncnutz.

Congrats sir , keep sharing your sports and crypto posts .
Sir can you delegate me some steem power ?
I have no much money to get sp on lease from minnow booster .

Congrats dear Denver bronco's . You are a star of steemit

Congratulations @broncutz on celebrating first anniversary here on this amazing community. You earned a great respect in one year. Ranking 70 is great. It reveals your hardwork, dedication, devotion toward this community. People like your work. Keep it up. Have a nice day

No man thank you for being supportive and kind to.us, we all love you, congratulations. Party hard.
On this biggest day why don't you plan a contest for us? Some sbd give away or so?

Happy steeit bday

Congratulations, I wish you success on the Voice here @broncnutz ))

congratulation man for 1yr milestone on steemit.on my personal view, you like a mentor, a instructor as your blog or video i see it helps me as a newbie on that platform.hopfully we can form that steemit on a better social platform.
and also good luck to your future journey.give us good blog,instruction,knowledge and inspired us on that.just be with us...

Steemit Community needs more bloggers like you @broncnutz


steemit is full of talent


You are welcome @broncnutz thanks again have given much information to us all. you are very inspiring to me.

@broncnutz, congratulations on your one year on steemit. Coming this far is a great feat that's very commendable.

it is beautiful broncnutz

within one year you are success with a lot of achivements
go ahead dear..
wishing your bright future

you have been remarkable!! and thanks for your help..

Just one year and you are a popular brand in steemit wish you a great success sir.

Then I would say Happy Steem Day for you @broncnutz. This is really a very big achievement and you must have seen amny ups and downs of steem price but your commitment to stay active in this community for last one year really strengthen this community and that is what needed from other community members. Thanks.

Great achivement my dear friend i am so happy for you.

Really steemit is the best platfrom . I love steemit ..

Demasiad Bueno Gran Hermano @broncnutz Gracias Por Compartirlo, Bendiones Hermano Sigue Adelante, Saludos!

Congrats on your first anniversary sir.

Congrats. And best wishes for upcoming yrs. Have a great time on steemit. I am new on steemit. Need your suport and best wishes.

Great news

what a fabulous year this has been for you wow seems like i have read all the post over this year hahah and it was exciting time always to learn many things from you whether its about the game or the crypto you always share the best info with us so big thanks for that and keep rocking happy steemit anniversary :D

Your are a very good person, we all love you and we are so glad to have you. May God bless you and happy birthday to you!

Happy Steembirday

Que hermosa arte mi querido amigo @broncnutz, excelentes dibujos saludos

Though I'm not an NFL football fan, I still watch your videos because your style is unique
Steem on my friend

Welcome to Steem, @broncnutz!

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Congratulations for your patience and wish your success.

Happy Birthday @broncnutz You are a 1 Year Old Steemian and EOS is a Day old. The Funny thing is that you and I and all of the other STEEMIANS will be here next year to Celebrate your 2 year Birthday and EOS on it's One Year Birthday. Bix Weir will probably Still be on His Rants towards EOS even Still at that Time.

Congratulations on the achievement. Yes the followers play the key role in gaining success. You are lucky to have them. Keep up the good work.

Happy steemiversary.
Getting to reputation 70 is the new 1year goal for me.

congratulation for 1year in steemit
we are know something new in your post last 1 year

Congratulation on your milestone. You have achieved this height and gotten such a huge numbers of followers due to your valuable content that you have given to the community. More greater height to attain.

congrates for your 1year in steemit

@broncnutz. Greatly appreciate the candid analysis, opinions, ranting and other various contributions. Congrats and keep it coming. Cheers!

Supportive and helpful people always get reward in different ways.

Congratulations of your one year of steemit journey. @broncnutz
I'm big fan of NFL series. With your assist I were Denver Broncos fan. Wish you the success.

You have achieved this height and gotten such a huge numbers of followers due to your valuable content that you have given to the community. More greater height to attain.

Happy first birthday at steem!! I am sure you have collected many memories and also learnt many things. Furthermore, you have met many interesting people here. It all counts and make the things vital. Good luck for the upcoming years!

congrat master, keep steem on.

Very cool. Glad you have been able to crush it here on Steemit. I remember a while back one of your goals was to be full time steemer. Are you officially a professional blogger now? HOpe its bringing you the rewards you have worked for.

Congratulations, my friend. You're doing a great job promoting steem and Crypto.

I'm looking forward to another year of your success.

Many congratulations for completing a whole year out in this beautiful community.The journey of yours has sure been great.And many have been following your honest ideas and your point of view in many of your suggestions I am one of them.

While hope your coming days in Steemit be as well great.

*Thanks for the information sir............


Wow, an entire year!!! That is amazing! I am new here (a week) so I dont know you but I will follow you and hopefully I can be part of making your second year even more awesome!! My introduction video

Congrats for the one year achievement sir, you are awesome too so you must get awesome followers too

Moving words, you feel his happiness, congratulations, I join his followers. many successes.

Congratulations! You always keep it real and are very generous with your advice, crypto information and upvotes. Not to mention the immutable Lefty Three Rings and his predictable predict abilities... ha ha! I hope you keep up your daily posting on Steemit until you own this joint!!!

Thanks for you steemit friend...

Congratulation man, for your journey on steemit And that was an nice sketch

Happy freaking Steemit birthday bro!! A year disappears in the blink of an eye. You have accomplished so much here on steemit already and it is really still just the beginning. You were the first person to really welcome me here in steemit and make me think this was going to be a viable platform for me. It’s amazing how much a little support can go a long way. Enjoy the next year here and I look forward to watching us all continue to grow. Congrats again on the milestone!!

that's awesome, congratx on your first happiee b,day on Steemit. I appreciate your work and your all interesting videos loved it :-)

Your portrait is funny cool :D

Your first year on Steemit is my first day on the platform. Cheers!

Yo Broncnutz! Congrats on your 1 year milestone. I have only been on steemit for about 2 weeks now, but I'm really getting into it. My brother says you will be at Anarchapulco. My whole family is going this year! Most of us are from Colorado :)

It's party time sir , very congrats .

Congratulations mate, what a great story of success and a man on a mission :) Well done again mate, you should be super proud!

Congratulations broncnutz.
It is comforting to complete a year of success, thanks to your perseverance and dedication, which is rewarded with the number of followers and the optimum of your reputation. Congratulations. Greetings from Venezuela.!

Happy anniversary !!! Hopefully remain productive and inspire others

Excelente obra de arte amigo,Gracias Por compartirlo Dios Te Bendiga Siempre @broncnutz Saludos desde VENEZUELA

Huge milestone achieved!
May you have many more sir.
You are unique, your style is unique, every member in your follow list love you.

I'm not an adept seamstress... but when your daughter wants a Hello Kitty patch on her backpack you just pull yourself up by the bootstraps and say, "I can do this.." Long story short I got my hand caught in the sewing machine and painfully sewed a Hello Kitty patch onto my fucking hand. I now no longer help people who need something.

Bro am happy for you,I also pray my first will be as memorable and interesting as yours ,I joined like a month ago and I get to know things are not easy here,but I pray I also get along with the game .so happy for you sir


we will be waiting to celebrate you as well.

congratulation...you are very good person...happy life :)

Happy anniversary sir,have a great day.

I'm a late bloomer so didn't help much on your rise but I'm here supporting now.

haha wkwkw Amazing @broncnutz

What upp dougg! What's Broncnutz anyway?

wow really wonderful art my dear friend @broncnutz. great work.

Que buen comienzo, bienvenido.

Sir you are really hardworker and gives us and iconic post and we enjoyed it,it is difficult sir but your are brave and u now success to do this,thank you

beautiful art dear friend, I really like his drawings, I see that he likes sports as much as me. they are sports that are played anywhere in the world, greetings from Venezuela @broncnutz

Congratulations.. Hopefully you will be here for more years to come. So you will keep give giving us more seasoned and rich contents.. I love the drawings by the way @broncnutz .. I am just starting out on steemit too.. I hope to celebrate my year just like the way you marked yours.. Stay bless

Sorry Sir , I am late to wish you .
Congratulation ...............

Wow awesome art my dear friend

to many more years!! Cheers

congratulations to you.

Happy Birthday @broncnutz You are a 1 Year Old Steemian and EOS is a Day old. The Funny thing is that you and I and all of the other STEEMIANS will be here next year to Celebrate your 2 year Birthday and EOS on it's One Year Birthday. Bix Weir will probably Still be on His Rants towards EOS even Still at that Time.

@broncnutz Congratulations! wishing you many more productive years on Steemit and beyond

Congrats on another year around the Steemit.

I just celebrated mine a few days ago.

Does Steemit have a name for it yet? CakeDay? SteemDay?Steembirday? Anything?

My cat :)

Welcome to Steemit @broncnutz
For your kind information keep safe your master password.
For cryptocurrency news follow @jyotirmay & Do Upvote.
Join discord - https://discord.gg/64jUKT
See you again

Congratulations!! That is very exciting, i cannot wait to see where i'll be at my one year :)

You did alot for one year my friend, hope that i will do the same

wow.. only one year. i thought u were here longer. I'm here 6 months, and not much to show for. you're great

As your first year came to an end mine just begone.

I hope that I will be able to achieve just as much if not more than you in the same time period. And god knows where you will be once I get there.

Got any tips to spare?