Voting is important , DID YOU DO YOUR VOTING ?

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Alot is happening in the steemisphere and than knowledge, transparancy and honesty are important , just like it is in my domestic and Working life.

So just to inform you again like My fellow Blockbrothers already did before me about voting for witnisses, I vote for @blockbrothers, they have my voting proxy!

In a recent blog @blockbrothers released a list of the witnesses they currently vote for.
I think there is a need for honest commitment on this blockchain and for witniss transparency.

Read the blog here:

@blockbrothers approves of the following witnesses:

@abit Saved the blockchain after the chain stopped after HF20. Knows his stuff. Maybe not as visible on the blockchain as other witnesses but someone you want to have around.

@adsactly-witness Community witness. Heavily invested. Support bloggers as well as developers. Very active under the @adsactly-witness and the @adsactly account.

@aggroed One of the most dedicated Steemians. Minnow Support Project Founder. Community leader and Co-founder of Steem Monsters. Run their own infrastructure decentralising the blockchain.

@blockbrothers Community (@exyle and @s3rg3) and developer witness (@bennierex and @eqko). Creators of Steemify and very invested and informative for the community through @exyle and @s3rg3 (Dutch community).

@blocktrades Developer witness. Business owner of A portal to convert other crypto to STEEM and back (for a fee). Has a team that can build for the blockchain. Business owner.

@busy.witness Community and developer witness. Creators of the first alternative front-end for with

@curie Community witness. Curator of content.

@cervantes Community witness for the Spanish Community.

@fyrst-witness Community and Developer witness. Very active community member. Founder of Steemspeak on Discord. One of the biggest community servers outside of Steem. Owner of Booster. A promotional service for the blockchain.

@followbtcnews Developer witness. Owner of Owner of

@good-karma Developer of the Esteem ecosystem. Run their own infrastructure decentralising the blockchain.

@jackmiller Very active community witness.

@lukestokes.mhth Community witness.

@ocd-witness Community witness. Curator of content.

@oflyhigh Underrated witness. Knows a lot about the blockchain. Programmer.

@pharesim Developer witness. Made Is able to check Hard Fork code.

@reggaemuffin Developer Witness with @buildteam. Run their own infrastructure.

@someguy123 Developer witness. Not active as a community member but is the creator Of Steem in a box which is an extremely helpful tool for everyone that wants to setup a witness.

@steemcommunity Community and Curator witness.

@thecryptodrive Business man and developer Witness with @buildteam. Run their own infrastructure.

@therealwolf Developer and community witness. Creator of Smartsteem. Recently trying to get Steem on steembase.

@utopian-io Witness for

@yabapmatt Developer witness. Co-founder of Steem Monsters.

The witniss list will be updated regularly with witnesses that have added more value to the blockchain than others. I believe every witness adds value, but sometimes one more than
Others. Thats Why There is another list with witnisses @blockbrothers approved off but Will be rotated in or out.

Go See the blogs from Our account @blockbrothers or @exyle, @s3rg3 and @brittandjosie, who are here daily. You can write your question in the blog comments and we WILL answer ! So if you are lost in the land of witnesses dont let your vote ( 30 of them ) go to waste, trust on transparancy and believe in honesty.

If you trust us, and want US to vote for you, here is your chance.

On behalf of All off us Thank you for the vote of confidence.




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I fully support witness and developer group @blockbrothers for the Steem blockchain. If you want to support them, they would appreciate your vote here.

They build Steemify, a notification app for your Steemit account for iOS.
Get it Here:

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thank you soooooooo much for supporting @steemcommunity




we like steemcommunity paula how is "the plank "going

Ah I didnt realize you set proxy to blockbrothers. didnt even notice i lost your witness vote then lol


Lost My vote not My love dear but as a comm manager I have to be All in to be a good representative.

Upvoted, resteemed... and of course, set blockbrothers as my proxy, thanks!


Its very much appreciated and we will stay transparant.

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