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Day 2 - 2/7 ◆ Taehyung ◆


Hi there! I know it's a bit late, but I had so much to do again and I thought I couldnt do this either, but I had too even if I was really tired yesterday... I did this today around 0:30am to about 1:20am.... So it's not my best...
I will post the another member today soon and also I will post the progress of this too. Please stay tuned for that! 🙏
But hope you'll like it. ♥
Thank you for your support! ♡♡♡♥☆

I hope you like it! Can't wait to share more!

Please keep supporting me, I'm trying my best to reply to your sweet comments as soon as I can. Also, comment if you upvote, so I can do the same to you! Thank you! :)

My instagram: bridget.art

My Redbubble - if you are interested in buying shirts, prints etc. with my artwork on it.

Don't forget to follow me ^ - upvote - resteem and leave a comment, if you want!♥ ☻

'Till my next post...
Stay safe! xx



đẹp trai quá

Thank you so much ! :) <3

Thank you so much ! :) <3

wow so beautiful.. nice

Thank you so much ! :) <3

Beautiful drawing mam.👌

Thank you so much ! :) <3

This is nice, I like your style. You have a nice sensitivity for colors. good stuff
Upvoted and followed 🙂

Thank you so much ! :) <3

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