180k YouTuber Advocated Steemit/Dtube To Over 30,000 People Today!! (BRAND NEW)

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Maddie Lymburner (@maddielymburner)

I just met Maddie this weekend at a vegan meet up for people who follow the content we make and it was a huge success! I had seen Maddie before but hadn't met in person or talked before and she was AMAZING! Not only that though, she had also been watching my YouTube channel and ran into the YouTube video I made about Steemit and Dtube and joined! She immediately mentioned it in the clip of us meeting and explains how she found out about Steemit and exposes her HUGE audience (over 35,000 views now so far) to the community!

We no doubt will see a lot of Maddie's vegan followers joining and posting content here on Steemit and I think it's awesome and really impressive that she is so open about the community and talking about it even though she's relatively new to the platform!

I wanted to post this video to highlight her video and show some of the work the YouTubers and Dtubers are doing to advocate for the community! PLEASE go follow her here @maddielymburner

Thanks everyone for the support! If you want to see her full video you can see it here around the 6:30 mark:


This is pretty encouraging. In fact, I never bothered to learn about how to earn on youtube until now that there's DTube and I can start comparing before getting started. It is indeed a great boost to the popularity of the platform. U-F-R (upvoted, followed, resteemed)!

Excellent job @brianturner. This is exactly the type of visibility that can help boost the momentum for Steemit by migrating everyone we know and meet onto this platform.

Thanks sensei cat I'mg lad to be bringing people over!

Just one of the many that will migrate from crappy Youtube to Steemit.

wow. amazing

this should be really good for steemit

Awesome. Looking at the Dtube payouts vs YTube payouts I don't blame them. This is for sure a much more helpful platform and more fun to boot. I think we are only in the beginning stages. Steem combines Facebook, Youtube, and Reddit all in one location. The info is right here on this platform explaining exactly how people earn so well here. Ive learned more about social media in my 8 days since signing up here than I learned on other platforms in 8 years. Welcome.
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A upvote from me.

Very well said!

Great post, Brian. I'm seriously bugging all these vegan youtubers they need to start on steemit. I'm about to promote steemit on my 2k vegan youtube subs channel.

It takes a bit to convince people to switch over from something they've built over years but they will see that there's huge incentives over here!

Wait... you are actually brian turner? I've been watching your videos for quite sometime, tried to be vegan for 2 years couldn't make it... i ate 1kg of spinach a day and still i had low iron lvl, had to take supplements to counter the problem

Haha yah that's me man! I'm one of the first vegan youtubers to really get behind Dtube! DAMN you've got some iron problems my friend!

I love Maddie! Her vegan recipes are amazing! Wish I was in Cali to go to the meet up! All of my favorite vegans to watch!

Right? her recipes make it extremely easy to eat with friends and family who aren't vegans and they will enjoy the meal as much as you do!:) Nice to meet you btw:)

Yes! She’s so creative and cute!

Yes! They are super healthy too!

Its great experience , I am also enjoying.

It's great knowing that people are migrating to Steemit. I also kinda hated how the new Youtube Partner program has been going. They just keep up raising the bar all the time. It's getting harder for smaller vloggers to make a living out of it and their business model is kind of outdated.

nice sharing. following and supporting each other will make the world ours.

Exactly man, thats what its all about:) nice to meet you!

nice to meet you too...:-)

nice sharing ! vegan recipes are amazing,all of my favorite .

I think its going to be a great experience,for everyone !

I miss the 2008-2010 version of YouTube. Less about advertising, less censorship.

So incredible stories are those that you like, very well, and vote,

Now let's get PewDiePie on here!


This site can really start taking off if just a few people with that many followers push it. Its a win win win for everyone involved.

DTube? idk what that is

COOL! Spreading the word out for steemit!

Much awesomeness - great to see talented, creative people continue to join the Steemit platform! Let's get the word out even more about why content creators should be joining Steemit!

Great content 👍 when you get a chance check out my page

Woooow this is great man

Thanks for getting Maddie to join Steem. It's exciting to see the community grow. Hope you had fun at the meetup!

wow.... thats a big youtuber hoping over to d.tube kinda shows the direction of this platform. sure its gonna turn out great. youtube better step up there game otherwise there gang be knocked right out of the park.

fyi. another big youtuber also joined recently. @charismaon charisma on command

way to go d.tube hahaha

Amazing broo

Good job
Upvote me please

It's amazing what rewards and insights one gets as one joins in vegan meets. When it also affords one the opportunity to meet Steemians then the blessings become innumerable.

Going vegan is one of the best ways to get healthier and make a lot of new friends and meet some cool new people. You seem like a cool dude, can't wait to see more of your content on here:)

@brianturner This is awesome :) Steemit loves you! Best wishes.

Nice video @brianturner Well done!

Quite impressive stuff man

you are very happy


Oh.Congrats man! Thanks for contributing in steemit.We are always with you.bbest of luck buddy

You're in the ZONE @brainturner!!! Stay fresh homie. I'm so excited about the blockchain. Ima check this babe out..

interesante ese vídeo aunque la cosa aqui en venezuela no esta muy buena pero me gusto

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I love you guys so much! Here from Maddie, my vegan queen!

Steem is a great addition to anyone with a following - a blog / youtube channel can only benefit from adding their content to steem - So well done!

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Great to see so many good people join the steem community. Keep up the good work
Will follow and upvote

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nice vedio sharing dear
dtube is best for fun share......
carry on dear......

Congratulations !

yes, its the future of @dtube and @dlive recover from youtube.And best thing is that we love and more love to steemit and its other platforms. @brianturner for this

Thanks for sharing, hopre to read more from you. Just upvoted you, hope to hear from you

Posting mengagumkan ..Saya mengajak anda untuk mengunjungi blog kami dan menikmati konten kami :)

Great video! Steemit will be huge some time. :)

Glad to see this taking place.
I have been advocating to big account holders in social media that the use of youtube is harmful to free speech.

I used to make about $1000 a month on youtube and then they decided that my views were not politically correct and they demonitized 95% of my channel. Now I get a $100 check about once a year.

I am all in for @dtube and @dlive

thnks 4 sharing

Love creators like you that share what is out there! We only just found out about steemit and Dtube and now cant wait to upload our all our content here.
You both are awesome, Keep it up : )

Love creators like you that share steemit and dtube!!!
We just found out about it through a facebook post and are now so excited to start uploading our content to Dtube.
You channel is awesome!

XD your the best

Wow thats so much money

Nice info
Various people sift from youtube to steemit

thats some great promotion

That is some super great news.


money for the new honey!

D dube gonna be great

keep up the good work guys. Would love to get your veiw on how steemit came to you.

resteemit done

I wish I could go to LA. It's nice and hot there.

Yeah, I live in Santa Barbara which is only about 30 mins from LA and I can promise you the weather here is the best. Stays consistent all year around.

Awesome. I am a youtuber. I am moving to steemit as well! It's an exicting community!

Welcome to the platform, I hope you love it as much as I do!

good post friend

Your luck is good

Good job, very inspiring. This will help make people to see the need for Steemit. Thanks for sharing

Being a youtuber myself, dtube is a huge attraction for me. As soon as i hit 10k subs i am also planning to introduce my subscriber s base to dtube and steemit.

Pretty sure the meeting was awesome. I'm gonna follow her right away.

give me pizza plz xD

Well done! I'm looking forward to more of your quality content.Please check out my recent post on my blog.Just followed you and looking forward to more goodness....

I don't know of Maddie, but i do know. the last thing we need on steemit is vegan youtube drama...and I'm vegan.

Dtube Super Star!!!

she is my favorite youtuber! amazing inspiration! <3

Very nice post i liked.@brianturner

It’s actually really awesome to see the community grow! Welcome to Steemit and Dtube

Nice video @brianturner. Looks like a bunch of fabulous people. And send her on over here and we will welcome her at Steemit with open arms :)

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i see you all in the next angry joe show :D - your end really reminded me of joe :)

This is cool! I just recently joined Dtube and Steemit. Interresting new platform.
Please check out my new training video on dTube:

I am a 10 year Vegan and a weightlifter.

a very fun meeting and a very healthy drink I really like it with your homemade juice @brianturner

sick stuff dude, its amazing how slowly people are moving over and doing the transition.

Thank you very much for helping promote the community.

Hello from Russia guys!

This is gonna help for sure. Anyone else utilizing additional platforms to help grow this one?