Another Sign Steemit Whales Are Thinking About the Future!

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During the mid to late 1990's everyone was trying to snatch up all the one and two word domain names speculating that they would be very valuable someday.  This hunch was correct and I'm sure many legal battles with blood sucking bully lawyers ensued over who should be able to to own domain names that sort of seemed like they would belong to another company or organization.  Even if it was a generic word that a company used as their brand name.  

I know a guy who claims to have owned He said that the German auto maker, BMW, had their lawyers harassing him non-stop.  He says that he gets so pissed every time he sees a commercial here in the United States for BMW cars because he sees the domain name and says, "That was MINE!!!!."  

I asked him why he didn't just throw up a website and say the acronym stood for "Big Muscular Women" and make a support group saying how the group supports women body builders.  

He said the harassment was non-stop and they kept threatening to file a lawsuit against him and he didn't want to deal with it so he gave it to them.  He was clearly kicking himself for this decision.  

So How Does This Relate To Steemit? 

Well some of the smaller whales, the belugas of the bunch, have locked down names on this platform such as @apple, @bmw, @disney. @kidrock is in there as well and I'm assuming it isn't the real Kid Rock.  

These stats are from and all the accounts listed have values over $240,000.  Now those accounts are basically inactive as far as blogging is concerned so it could be a major holder that basically wanted to split their holding into different wallets.  

It also could be a sign that they feel this platform could get really huge and major companies and celebrities will want to lock down their handle on this platform.  

If it is already taken then that could become valuable on a resell market.

I have done a lot of branding related activities and one of the biggest pain in the asses is trying to get a certain brand name across all platforms.  .com, Facebook, Twiiter, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat...... and now Steemit.  


I do actually think it is a play on locking down valuable names on this platform because if you look below @apple there is @books .  That is a generic one that you could say isn't brand specific but a company could very well want that handle in the future.  As we speak that made me think of @amazon so I searched to see if that had been taken also.  YEP..... it's taken.  Again the account isn't doing a lot of blogging but it has value.  

Maybe we should all be going around locking down different names?  

Thanks for reading my post!  

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@brianphobos When I first signed up for this site awhile ago, I couldn't think of a good name yet; so I played around to see if any of these types of names were taken. I was pretty surprised to see that many already were! I would have to agree with everything you wrote in this post. Thanks for sharing it!


@gainingsteem I randomly saw them after came out and I was looking where different people were at. It is interesting and we will find out in the future if it pans out!

Good post Brian, Funny pictures as well.


Hahah, Thanks. I guess that first on that looks like an Albino alien from the Alien series is a pregnant beluga whale. It cracked me up though!

Good post @brianphobos, Funny pictures as well.

Easy to read. Very good approach to providing information. Very interesting thoughts and reasoning.


Thanks for reading!

Brian, you always bring a sense of clarity will all your insight.


Thank you Steve! I hope this insight helps a lot of people!

I think you're right! The steem explosion could mimic other large scale expansions! Could be some good moves in there!


I believe it will be its own economy and so many off shoot companies leveraging it and doing business inside of it.

This is clever. I suspect most companies will just use something like "realBMW" if the original is taken though. Also the sign up page now warns that people are only allowed one account per verified user - so not sure if people might get penalised in the future for doing this sort of thing as each new account created costs 3 STEEM.


That is valuable info right there brotherman.

very good! thanks!


Thank you!

@brianphobos Excellent post, but the body builder is going to give me nightmares. Thanks!

I did not think about that good idea.

That deserves an upvote! lol Maybe you will attract some attention here


I hope so but a lot of links aren't working. Steemit is having issues right now.