Choosing the Most Valuable Category for Your Steemit Posts

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Have you ever wondered what you should write about?

Which categories generate the most value?

Upon submitting a story on Steemit, you are given the option to add up to 5 tags. The first tag you choose will be the main category of your post, which is the most visible tag on your post than the others.

The data below was pulled directly from the Steem blockchain and represents the top 20 categories that have generated the most revenue.

Using this data, you can determine the top categories that people within the Steemit community value the most.

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P.S. Data was pulled on 6/25/17 at 3:30 PM PST using SteemSQL.


Average value is more important. Not only that, but the overload of content in those popular tags will probably only work against you.

You are absolutely right. When I originally drew out the numbers, I was also looking at averages, but didn't want to overload the post with too much info. Learning as I go and definitely looking to improve.

Also, I do agree it may be a detriment to post about the most common tags, but it's also good to know what's the most popular and what the community values the most.

Thanks for sharing your input. It's always welcomed!


Nice Post and Great Finding ... :)

Wow, great post. I was actually thinking about this. This post helped, Thanks!

Glad you found it helpful! More to come 👍🏼

Hey, nice post! I've followed you because I'm keen to see your future posts :D Maybe you could follow me back and help me out?

Appreciate it. Followed back 🙏🏼

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