The World of Cryptocurrency... Cryptocurrency for idiots!

in steemit •  2 years ago

So, I must admit... We are not very smart when it comes to the world of Cryptocurrency. We are still in the infant age, barely toilet trained... Crapping all over ourselves when we don't have a nappy on, you get my drift.


It is all so exciting, with so much potential. Nobody can deny the success of Bitcoin... But that is just the beginning! Gasp! When we first discovered Cryptocurrency we were bowled over by all the different types and all their uses. Reading about them all got more stressful than exciting... What to choose, what has the most potential, what what what!


The more we read, the more confused we got! Eventually we fell upon Litebit. Litebit does all the work for you... Basically! You just need to buy credits which can be used to buy a range of Cryptocurrency.


Then you need a wallet to put your Cryptocurrency in... Another major challenge that makes you feel like a right dumbass! Sounds simple enough ... Ya think??? Nope, most wallets were bloody impossible to get access to. An all in one wallet would be nice, but it's like getting into Fort Knox trying to join! Ugh!

So after a struggle of researching for weeks... We eventually managed to set up a Dogecoin wallet and a Nem/Xem wallet... And invested in Cryptocurrency for both. And now we wait...

Every single one of these currencies have so much potential... Any could skyrocket at any moment! Fly me to the moon baby! What has all your experiences been? Is any else as non tech savvy as us, the Bratteam? Probably not, but we are excited for what is to come! Happy Steemit!

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I start to watch Xem, the price has been flat this week.


I'm thinking about investing in Xem to but I still need to do some more research.

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I dont understand a shit about crytocurrency