The Ages of Pisces and Aquarius, where are we now?

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Astrological aging, what stage are we at on this earth right now? The Piscean age has the values of money, power and control. Are we still in this phase? The Piscean age is 1AD to 2150AD. The Aquarian age has the values of love, brotherhood, unity and integrity. Aquarius is literally the opposite of Pisces, we need to tear down these negative Piscean values... We are becoming enlightened to all is not as it may seem. So I guess that means we are transitioning from Pisces to Aquarius... But we are not quite there yet.

The Piscean age has been filled with millions, if not billions of deaths due to differences in religious opinion. Even to this day we are still fighting because of religion. Need we name these wars... World Wars, IRA terrorism, ISIS terrorism... The list goes on, and on, and on. All these deaths, why, because you have a different "God" to me. Because you have a different religious label to me. Because you were pushed into your religion by your parents beliefs, whether you like it or not. Why? Surely we have enough sense to realise that this is a load of bull-crap? Most of us are worshipping something we don't really understand, we are just going through the motions, conforming with what the religious book says, what the order of service says, what we are told to say by the human powers that be.

The Aquarian age may be viewed as "the world is falling apart"... But is it? Are we not really taking in the whole picture for the first time in astrological history? It will be the crash of governments and powerful controlling societies and powerhouse families, and the dawning of unified global governments, teamwork for the benefit of the entire world, not just one nation or dictator or society... Peace for all mankind. It is the awakening of our conscience that has been asleep for so many years, comatose. Freewill shall reign.

So where the hell are we then? Are we asleep or are we awake? My guess is that we are starting to stir in our sleep. Our eyes are not quiet open yet. But there's some REM going on. We are still ruled by religion and dictators and the questionably fictitious illuminati ... But we are more in tune with our consciousness, we are more aware of how are controlled... The Age of Aquarius will really begin when we fecking do something about it! Roll on Aquarius, we are ready for you!

Bratteam x

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Aquarius is the 11th sign of zodiac and Pisces is the 12th. Due to precession of the equinoxes the shift of the ages occurs. That is 1 degree every 72 years. So Aquarius is not literally opposite Pisces, it is 30 degrees, or a semi-square. Opposite Pisces is Virgo.
This is a very deep subject. Thank you for brushing upon it.


A semi-square is 45 degrees. 30 degrees is a semi-sextile.

It has been said that we are in the aquarian sub-age of the Piscean age, that is, in the eleventh of twelve subdivision of the Age -- if this is the case then we are now feeling the Aquarian impuses, longings and awarenesses that won't be fulfilled for humanity until after the final, Piscean sub-age, in other words in about 200 years.

Fascinating read... wow