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We are never happy with the time that we have. When we are off work at the weekend, on Sunday night it is "Just one more day". Damn we love bank holidays! When your alarm goes off in the morning "Just five more minutes". When somebody is banging on the toilet cubicle door and you are having a serious dose of the squits, "Just one more minute".

Time is precious. We should be living in the moment. Lapping every second up, like a cat with a plate of milk. Do things you know you probably shouldn't be doing because they are too expensive, too dangerous, too crazy... Just scream... YOLO!





... And do it! Because you do only live once, and you need to live life to the fullest. Without regret or sadness when you think back over the time that you have. Of course, sadness is often unavoidable, because we can't control other people's lives and how they impact on us... But having your own positive, carefree attitude goes a long way.

You don't want to be on your death bed saying "Just one more day"... You want to say you have lived life to the fullest, you filled every moment with as much joy as you could muster, you spent as much time as you could with the people you love and people who bring you up, not the ones who bring you down. So next time you want to roll over for "Five more minutes" or you want the weekend to last "Just one more day", just jump out of the bed and live those five minutes or go into your job with a positive attitude and a smile... Just do it all, because YOLO!

Bratteam x

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i agree, i'll try to live life to the fullest ; )


If I were to try jumping out of the bed in the morning, my knees would collapse and I would crash through the door into the hallway. I will try though.