It's getting HOT in here! Trying to sleep in a heatwave!

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Good evening folks,

We are new to Steemit, so we think we should introduce ourselves... We are bratteam. Bratteam is composed of two Irish hooligans that individually are Brian and Natasha (br-at, geddit?). We hope to bring you good old fashioned Irish craic to Steemit, all for your entertainment. So sit back, relax and enjoy!

You know it is the time of year again where... It is too darn hot to sleep! Where you take a shower and climb into bed, but within 20 seconds you are lying in your own personal sweatbox. Yes it is that time! Us Irish don't know how to deal with this change in temperature... Most of us are like lobsters when we catch so much as a ray of sunshine and blister like a fried egg on a hot plate... Yum! The worst thing is, you can't fecking sleep! Truth be told... We would rather be knee deep in snow or battling with the umbrella against the Atlantic Ocean storm than deal with this crap. So what do you do to survive the night battling your own sweat storm:
A) Open the windows
B) Lie with your feet outside the duvet
C) Air conditioning on cool
D) Kick the other half outta the sack
E) Sleep naked

Our discussion of the above is as follows:
A) Ha, g'luck! Wake up in the morning with 50 flies, 25 spiders, a pigeon and half of your neighbours in the room the next morning
B) Have you ever watched a horror movie, g'luck!
C) Ha, this is Ireland! G'luck with that!
D) Viable option
E) Viable option


So basically kick himself/herself outta the bed and starfish totally starkers on the duvet with your nethers and tethers flashing all the world... But who cares, your fecking cool enough to sleep. So anyway, we are off to bed. Don't be peeping!

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Welcome to Steemit - nice intro post. I too am Irish. I have followed you, hope you will follow me back

I'm addicted to craic, and this post has caused me to relapse!